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Berto Jongman

BOOK: America's Great Game: The CIA’s Secret Arabists and the Shaping of the Modern Middle East

From the 9/11 attacks to waterboarding to drone strikes, relations between the United States and the Middle East seem caught in a downward spiral. And all too often, the Central Intelligence Agency has made the situation worse. But this crisis was not a historical inevitability—far from it.

NB: If John Kerry had an Open Source Agency, he would be vastly better informed and much more effective.

ANALYSIS: 36 Signs The Media Is Lying To You About How Radiation From Fukushima Is Affecting The West Coast

ANALYSIS: Interpreting Al Qaeda — Milbank Gets It Wrong

ANALYSIS: Spinning Al Qaeda — Flawed Analysis = Bad Policy

ANALYSIS: US Intelligence Challenged by MIT on Ghouta Chemical Attack

CULTURE: Culture of Blessed Death in Mexico

CYBER: Blackberry Owns Patent to NSA's Mandated (Purchased) Backdoor RSA Algorithm

CYBER: CloudFogger Encrypts Files Before Loading to Cloud

CYBER: Coding for Ireland

CYBER: PrivateOS Against NSA Now Available

CYBER: Security Not Enough — Need Cyber Resilience

EMPIRE: CIA's 1950's 1960's Great Game in the Middle East

JUSTICE: Brussels Calls on EU to Tackle Extremism

JUSTICE: Rafik Hariri Murder Trial Begins at The Hague

LIFE: Beijing Blanketed by Poisonous Smog

LIFE: Green Spaces Have Postive Lasting Impact on Human Well-Being

LIFE: Narrating Trauma: On the Impact of Collective Suffering


SECURITY: Russia Plans Tightest Security in Olympic History

THREAT: Global Dangers in 2014

THREAT: Hizb Allah at War in Syria: Forces, Operations, Effects and Implications

THREAT: Life under Islamists in Syria Part II

WAR: Nearly 2,900 Syrians butchered and burned to death as tool of intimidation – experts

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