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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

The destruction of the bees is now beginning to affect agriculture, as this report makes clear. This story is going to keep growing. I just hope it isn’t too late. Because if it is humanity has a real problem.

Uh Oh. Britain Only Has 25% of the Bees it Needs
SAMI GROVER – TreeHugger

This essay will give you some important facts about Metadata, and give you a better sense of the level of surveillance we all live under.

Think Metadata Isn’t Intrusive?
KADE CROCKFORD, Director of the Technology for Liberty Project at the ACLU of Massachusetts – Common Dreams

This story isn’t getting any traction, probably too wonky for most in the media. But this has the potential to change the nature of our government and, given the history of the Rightist activists on the court, there is a real chance that in the end the relationship between the Executive and Legislative branches will never be the same.

Justices Consider Limiting Obama’s Power On Recess Appointments
SAHIL KAPUR, Senior Congressional Reporter and Supreme Court Correspondent – Talking Points Memo

Here we have one of those stories that seems local and of small interest nationally, but which I think is just a data point in a much larger trend. Notice also the response the story has engendered. Commercial team sports and education are uncomfortable partners. Click through to see the video.

UNC Professor Receiving Death Threats For Revealing Athletes’ Low Reading Levels
AARON BEARD – The Huffington Post

As a person who has had close pussy cat companions literally all my life, this story caught my eye. Perhaps it will mean something to you as well.

Scientist Claims That Your Cat Thinks You’re an Overgrown, Clumsy Idiot of a Cat

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