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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

This is likely to change all our lives, and is an appallingly bad decision. The American courts are now so stacked in favor of corporate interests they are warping the culture in profound ways. Let us hope this decision is appealed and over-turned, or that Congress changes the laws to assure net neutrality, or the FCC gets enough public pressure to overcome the industry and serve the interests of the people . It ! requires a significant public outcry. And since the corporate media is hardly covering the story, since it so powerfully affects their corporate masters few even seem to know this has happened.

Federal Appeals Court Strikes Down net Neutrality: What’s Next?

Sea rise has begun to impact the coasts. Here is a report on the West Coast. This is the beginning of a trend that is going to have a tremendous impact. In 2010, 123.3 million people, or 39 percent of the nation’s population lived in a coastal area. These are the highest population density areas in the country. Far more crowded than the U.S. as a whole. They also have the most large cities. If you live in a coastal area ! your life is going to be impacted.

Report: Sea Level Rise Threatens Malibu Infrastructure
EMILY SAWICKI – Malibu Times

This piece tries too hard to be insouciant, but it has a good take on the East Coast, and you can begin to see the kind of costs we are going to pay to deal with sea rise and, that will lead to the debate over what will have to be abandoned. Much of Virginia Beach and Norfolk, for example. I also picked this story because of the video. Click through to see the video of that area, which gives you a sense of scale of even a modest project. One good thing. It is going to create a lot of skilled jobs. I have worked at this scale and I can tell you from direct experience that to be successful it requires great skill. Or people get killed and the job doesn’t get done.

Rising Sea Levels Hitting US East Coast, Costing Big Money
PAUL WALLIS – Digital Journal

Theocratic Rightists are very good at gaming the system. They pass laws when they can that allow for special activities which they then fulfill. Social Progressives also do this, but not as artfully. Here is an example of the dark side of transparency laws. This is clearly a fishing expedition, in search of something to embarrass this scientist and, through him, others. This attack on Michael Mann et al is possible only because the Right is not interested in facts. They are guided by theology, or ideology, or fear, or hate, or racism. Facts are an inconvenience to be ignored.

Why Growing Harassment of Scientists by Climate Change Deniers Is So Dangerous
RICHARD SCHIFFMAN – AlterNet (U.S.)/Guardian (U.K.)

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