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China has been rejecting American GMO corn, and more rejections are anticipated. I basically take this as good news.

China Rejects GMO Corn In Distillers Grains From U.S.; More Rejections Expected
The Huffington Post/Reuters

This is a popular recap taken from a paper in Nature, the source citation can be found below. I have been publishing these reports in SR since 1991 — that's 23 years. None of this research every contradicts the original findings that climate change is occurring in large measure because of human activity. The papers just refine the understanding of the impact, and report a collapse of the timeline. That said, I doubt anything will be done in time to offset what is coming. Greed is simply too powerful.

Climate Change Vastly Worse Than Previously Thought

SOURCE: Steven C. Sherwood,
Sandrine Bony & Jean-Louis Dufresne. Spread in model climate sensitivity traced to atmospheric convective mixing. Nature. Nature 505, 37–42 (02 January 2014) doi:10.1038/nature12829.

Here is some good news about the madness of drug testing the poor essentially because they are poor and have no political power. As you read this think of the piece in yesterday's SR about Minnesota. Maybe we are finally going to see the end of these malicious policies created by the Theocratic Right.

Florida Law on Drug Tests for Welfare Is Struck Down
FRANCES ROBLES – The New York Times

I consider David Cay Johnston one of the few economists sophisticated in banking who actually tells the truth. It is rarely a happy truth, and this story is no exception. History is going to judge the Obama Administration very harshly concerning its protection of the Wall Street crooks.

JPMorgan Doesn’t Want to Talk About Bernie Madoff

If you cross the borders in or out of the American national security state you should know that your electronic devices from phones, to tablets, to laptops are subject to searches and seizure. As with most things involving government security agencies it is largely a matter of racial or religious profiling done by low level agents.

Lawsuit Challenging Laptop Searches at US Border Is Dismissed by Federal Judge
KEVIN GOSZTOLA – Firedoglake

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