Tikkun Rabbi Michael Lerner: Uri Avnery & MJ Rosenberg on Israel’s Latest Mishugas

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Michael Lerner
Michael Lerner

Editor's Note: It's hard to know the right reaction to Israel's latest craziness (mishugas)—its attempts to block Obama's deal with Iran to stop the potential militarization of Iran's nuclear capacity. Israel is trying to block the deal by using its American allies to push the Senate to vote on new sanctions against Iran now, instead of allowing the process toward a possible accommodation to be explored. Israel's goal is transparent: create conditions that Iran cannot accept, then argue that this proves Iran is really after the militarization of its nuclear capacities, then attack Iran with U.S. backing, and then use Iran's military response as proof that it was seeking nuclear capacity to attack Israel. Should one respond with sadness (see MJ Rosenberg’s article below) or with outrage?

Below I am also sharing a piece in which Israeli peace movement (Gush Shalom) leader Uri Avnery shows the craziness of Netanyahu's latest attempt to block an agreement with the Palestinians, this time by demanding that the Palestinians recognize Israel not just as a state the way all other parties recognize Israel, but as a JEWISH state (presumably meaning its right to discriminate against non-Jews or something of the sort).

Israel: The Dream Dies by MJ Rosenberg

Bibi & Libie by Uri Avnery

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