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Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller


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As with all our pursuits, this document intends to help peel back layers of specific cultural misinformation conditioning/distortion/manipulation that has essentially forced our culture into behaviors quite opposite of natural/healthy choices that would otherwise be made, spontaneously. These phrases are sort of our “jargon” to simplify communication, understanding, and design elements, as we move toward trying to be a part of a movement to ultimately meet all needs, do no harm. (NOTE: Some of these may be distinct WIN perspectives/paraphrasing’s, yet, in no way suggest creation or being proprietary . . .) In alphabetical order (unless attributed to others, should be considered a Bucky phrase):

Body-of-Information:   The “Body-of-Information” refers basically to everything our culture knows about the elegant, precise operation of universe (plus, everything that there is learn). Much of this precious information remains obscure to our culture because our focus has been majorly on dominating, exploiting, and manipulating in order to support an ostensibly self-centered/self-indulgent lifestyle. This body of information includes access to everything we need to operate our li’l spaceship with absolute integrity—all of the Principles/Laws/Truths (PLTs) that govern so precisely, so effortlessly, so usefully, so reliably. It includes all experience and observation; everything can be defined in easily understandable ways that could be keys to unlocking their existence and accessibility to an ever-accelerating number of people.

Cadre: Dictionary definition—“a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession.” That is an appropriate description of those who we expect will come together to comprehensively design a story, strategies, processes, tools, support, and critical path in an attempt to enable our culture to “pass its final exam,” on the way toward meeting all needs, doing no harm, in a comprehensive, evolutionarily stable manner.

Cherished Beliefs: Beliefs, by definition are neither true nor false. They tend to be strong convictions, holders of which usually defend strongly, and give up grudgingly. Many religious and political orientations fall into this category, as do a whole host of other inclinations. Cherished beliefs can be heartfelt and comforting because they tend to be long-held, and often handed down from generation to generation and can be emotionally charged.

Coming Home: In a very real sense, it could be said that our culture has collectively been aimlessly wandering through centuries of history, to arrive at the point of self-extinction (in the absence of Cosmically Adequate awakening). “Coming home” is something that can resonate in the heart of every human entering a space to experience it. Such a space is universally inviting and promises orientations: that will accelerate peeling back layers; to access/reveal universal integrity; distinguishing automatically what is real in Universe from the nonsense that dominates our cultural paradigms.

Corporatocracy:* The “corporatocracy” is a highly developed (perhaps ultimate), power structure that has perfected the art of exploitation, extraction, and manipulation to achieve its vested interests. It has “lock-down” control of our “industrial complexes” and perpetuates our cultural story so successfully that is virtually impossible to step outside of the story—basically our culture is dependent on it (the story and corporatocracy) for “survival.” Inspired by ruthlessness and greed, and the pursuit of profit, competitive advantage, market share, growth, etc., it includes central banks (and their typically puppet governments), global leaders (of every stripe), and industrial complexes of every ilk. The corporatocracy manipulates our culture with alluring pictures/promises of a consumptive lifestyle focused on privilege, indulgence, and entitlement, that is the antithesis of how virtually every other species has evolved to thrive in their niche. The corporatocracy’s “uniform” is the ubiquitous business suit.

* Term first encountered in John Perkin’s book, Confessions of an Economic Hitman:

Cosmically Adequate: Refers to a condition derived from reconciling and orienting to the fact that every human observation/experience is absolutely governed/explained by operational, omnipotent, omnipresent, natural, universal, PLTs that never fail or contradict each other. Everything Cosmically Adequate is useful and reliable.

Critical Path: The sum total of events/steps that must be taken, in precise sequence, to achieve a desired result.

Cultural Story: Our cultural story refers to all of our experience, systems, processes, and conditions of current human lifestyles. Essentially our cultures’ story began about 10,000 years ago with the advent of Agricultural Revolution, when we started behaving very differently from our ancestors.
Our cultural story continues to be perpetuated by those in control/power, much to the detriment of many of our fellow passengers, the “community of life,” and our life support system. It speaks to how we have organized ourselves socially as well as strategically. The cumulative consequences of these actions are what we term our current cultural story.

Current Cultural Paradigms: . . . all elements that are embedded in our current systems (education, economic, government, religion) that essentially determine how we live our lives—what our options are, the kind of choices we make. They are simply part of our cultural story and are seldom “supported” by natural, operational PLTs.

Current Reality: Current Reality is synonymous with our “cultural story” and includes all we presently say, think, and do—in the minutiae of life—the micro, and macro. It is recognizing all of it as real, making no distinction between what is wonderful or what is abhorrent to the observer, i.e. no judgment what-so-ever.

Doing No Harm: This is a “catch phrase” promoting a benign relationship with other species and the life support systems on SpaceShip Earth—suggesting leaving the smallest “footprint” possible. It also includes eliminating the possibility of any human succeeding (thriving) at the expense of another human or in a manner that causes harm of any sort—in short, exploitation/domination is not acceptable.

Doomed: Without major change in our current cultural paradigms/systems/story, future generations face an uncertain future—their quality of life is likely to be very different from what humans currently experience. If our culture continues to ignore the clues nature abundantly/persistently provides, and continues to undermine/disrespect our life-support system, in the words of the Wombat (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IHyH3MPgZDo), we are, “Doomed—remember one planet is all you’re gonna’ get.”

Earning the Right to Live: Humans of our culture are the only species we are aware of subject to this imposed condition, therefore the practice is an aberration in nature. Other species fill their niche, do what they are “designed” to do to meet their basic needs, or have the “equipment” to do, and thrive as long as they are able to adapt to changing conditions and for as long as environmental conditions permit.

Essential nature: The “hardwiring” that determines the “genetic imperatives,” instincts, and intuitive elements of a species’ inherent “design” . . . all of the qualities, characteristics, and orientations that “define” a species. A species essential nature definitively includes all inherent relationships naturally occurring (to itself, its environment, the community of life, and to Universe).

Evolutionarily Stable:* Evolutionarily stablility for a species does not necessarily mean forever. It essentially means that the species will thrive as long as it conforms to natural laws and can adapt to natural changes in environmental conditions.

* A Daniel Quinn phrase.

The “Great Forgetting”:* “The Great Forgetting” essentially happens quite naturally in our culture because it is a basic element in our story and is ingeniously, conveniently perpetuated by the corporatocracy. Humans are born naked, ignorant, and totally dependent—all have magnificent equipment and no experience, and are equipped to learn by trial-and-error. The essential nature of every human is exactly the same (meaning that the things that make each of us human are exactly the same, therefore, so are basic human needs), and each human has inherent relationships (to self, to family, to the community of life, to universe). Humans do not need to acquire anything outside of themselves to be more human. These elements of being human are not choices and this fundamental reality never changes. The cultural story most humans are born into is basically disconnected from understanding (and providing) this essential nature (essentially in-utero onward), as well as understanding our comprehensive needs and expectations (this includes trusting and intuition) that are indelibly imprinted. In this light, perhaps it could be said that we have forgotten who we are and what we naturally would do to thrive, if conditions were even close to optimal.

* A Daniel Quinn phrase.

The “Great Remembering”: As one eliminates the noise, clutter, confusion and distortions in our cultural story, there is a great possibility that we can “remember” (or reconnect to) all the elements of our essential nature and relationships (because they never went anywhere—are still intact—buried under layers of various errors). This will allow returning to our natural capability to thrive in our niche by trusting our instincts, as virtually all other species do.

Final Exam: Final exam is simply a metaphor for the crisis our cultural finds itself in in the 21st century. R. Buckminster Fuller liked to talk about it as such. And it is true. Unless our culture finds some very precise answers to specific issues (questions) that we face, many researchers feel the prospects for future generations enjoying a desirable quality of life, are at risk. One of the biggest factors that looms is that SpaceShip Earth has never before had in the neighborhood of 7 billion passengers before, all making “demands” on our life-support system.

Human “role” in universe: Man is not “intended” to dominate the world (as we began to do with the Agricultural Revolution). We are only “entitled” to fill the niche we are uniquely “designed” to fill, just like every other species.

Industrial Complexes: Industrial complexes are the “on the ground” apparatus of the corporatocracy, mining the hearts and minds of human passengers on SpaceShip Earth. They have tricked us into believing that it is our “destiny,” or in our best interest, to have to “earn the right to live” and be subservient to the corporatocracy. Virtually all of what our culture needs, (in both affluent societies and impoverished societies) to maintain our lifestyle, quality of life, and/or standard of living, currently has its genesis within the powerful industrial complexes.

In the Ditch:* Because of misinformation, misunderstanding, and substantial unawareness inherent in our cultural paradigms, the resulting noise, clutter, distortions, confusion keeps our culture from realizing/utilizing the extraordinary, inherent capabilities we have that could enable everyone to thrive, be full of joy, be fulfilled, and be secure. It’s like we are in a massive ditch with very steep sides and no apparent means of getting out—just stuck in the stinkin’ ditch. “The ladder is leaning against the wrong wall,” so essentially, our marvelous technology has only enabled some passengers to be more comfortable in the ditch, with many falling through the cracks or being left behind.

* A Bible connotation.

Integrity: This is our (paraphrased) definition of integrity: 1) Operating consistently within the “design” of something, its purpose, and/or within its capabilities; 2) Doing so comprehensively; and 3) Total honesty and respect for universal Principles/Laws/Truths.

Meet Certain Conditions: Meeting certain conditions basically relates to “qualifications” for the cadre that is forming (or any worthwhile activity), to engage the design of a Critical Path that could meet all needs, do no harm. Meeting such conditions are sort of prerequisites to optimal performance/contribution. Because our cultural story has manipulated us into so many dysfunctional behaviors, it is going to take a concerted effort to “stem the tide” and create appropriate space for requisite changes to be recognized and to be implemented. Our cadre of designers is essentially synonymous with “Sincere Seekers,” so, check out that definition for a more complete picture.

Meeting all needs, Do No Harm: Accomplishing this would mean that every cosmic “need” is met, essentially assuring that every species can thrive if certain conditions are met. It means that all humans thrive with no one succeeding at the expense of anyone else, or interfering with anyone else. It means a desirable quality of life is accessible to everyone—essentially as a “birthright,” and that all “compartments” of SpaceShip Earth are to be equally accessible and to be enjoyed by all passengers. It also means that collective human thriving is not at the expense of any other species or the environment or threatening to any aspect of our life support system on SpaceShip Earth. In short, exploitation/domination of anyone or anything has no place in moving toward meeting all needs, doing no harm.

Passing our final exam: In a very real sense addressing our culture’s problems is like a final exam. If we pay attention and learn how Universe operates we will have all the information we need. Organizing ourselves properly and operating with integrity with universal PLTs should enable us to actually pass our final exam.

Peel Back Layers: Considerable misinformation, misunderstanding, and unawareness is inherent in our current cultural story. These flaws majorly distort individual (as well as collective) worldviews and relationships to the operational integrity of universe. Inherent human inclinations to trust our instincts have been covered over by layer after layer of noise, clutter, misinformation, distortion, and confusion. This condition makes it virtually impossible for healthy standards of living to be enjoyed by all humanity. Many are so consumed by merely surviving that there is little time to consider causes or think about and enact solutions. Many need help with the practical tools that can help us to begin to peel back all those undesirable layers, so that we can return to our natural disposition to thrive (the great remembering).

Principles/Laws/Truths (PLTs), Universal: All of the Principles/Laws/Truths (PLTs) operating naturally in universe are omnipotent, omnipresent, and need no permission to operate. They operate with absolute integrity irrespective of human recognition or understanding. Universal PLTs never fail, or contradict each other. They are readily observable, discoverable, definable, and govern all human experience, as well as everything that occurs in Universe, in a most useful and reliable manner. PLTs operate efficiently and effortlessly; nature is never caught unprepared or not knowing what to do. Humans have never invented a PLT, are not responsible for their continuance, and are the only species we know of that can choose to attempt to ignore or disregard ones they feel are somehow in their best interest to do so.

Reset Button, Hit the: A reset button can be handy when conversations get stuck, or overloaded, or otherwise sub-optimal. When we “Hit the Reset Button,” we sort of call a “time out” to regroup, to breathe, to quiet the noise, sort through clutter and/or essentially re-connect with Cosmically Adequate principles that help us “keep-our-eye-on-the-prize”—or in other words, meet all needs, do no harm in the shortest time, and most efficient manner. Plus it can be a time to reassess the known contributors to the “derailment” that necessitates hitting the reset button—such as ego’s, personal agendas, unexamined assumptions, cherished beliefs, and the like.

Sincere Seeker: We term a “Sincere Seeker” as a person who is uber-committed to learning all they can about a culture that operates in an optimally healthy manner and is eager to meet certain conditions in order to do so. Those conditions essentially could be considered the first steps toward the “great remembering” and/or “coming home,” and may include, but are not limited to:
• recognizes that integrity is inherent in Universal principles/laws and is the “operational standard of Universe”;
• has a willingness to back up far enough to see a comprehensive Cosmically Adequate world view;
• is willing to look in the right direction;
• is able to see;
• has a humble heart;
• has ego, self-importance, vanity, pride, self-righteousness, willfulness, and smugness under control;
• is willing to pay attention to all the clues nature provides;
• is willing to consider the possibility that all of our most vexing problems are self-correcting when our cultural story becomes Cosmically Adequate;
• is willing to empty their mind, which has been quite naturally contaminated by the excesses, misinformation, distortions, impositions, and manipulations of our current cultural story/paradigms—becoming as innocent as a babe;
• is eager to rethink everything;
• is willing to resist defending positions that cannot be validated by universal PLTs;
• realizes that as a culture, in a sense, we are so out of sync that we are seeking answers that we haven’t even formulated adequate questions for;
• eschews vested interests that prevent objectivity and honesty;
• is clear that as yet our culture may not have enough answers to pass our final exam;
• is willing to trust that Universe contains all answers to virtually all human problems;
• is eager to peel back layers of our cultural condition as rapidly as possible; and
• is willing to set aside, acknowledge, and/or distinguish aspects of “personal agendas” that are out of sync with or are incomplete expressions of Cosmically Adequate realities.

* A Mary Baker Eddy phrase.

The Space: For our purposes, “the space” is a mental context for considering/experiencing fully what Cosmically Adequate awareness is all about—its comprehensive integrity. Even “the door” tends to be obscured by the noise, clutter, confusion, and distortions inherent in our cultural story. Finding the door can be relatively simple and is basically automatic for a “sincere seeker.” In the space is where peeling back the layers of our cultural mis-conditioning can be optimized. Upon entering the space, everything begins to feel familiar because the layers start peeling back very easily/rapidly. Because of the essential nature of the space, one finds optimal access to natural, omnipotent PLTs that exist in their pure form, awaiting discovery (or re-discovery). None are contaminated with distortions prevalent in our story, so interference is non-existent. Each layer of “forgetting” can be replaced by an element of “remembering,” that more and more feels like “coming home.” The space can tolerate no willfulness (primarily defending “comfortable” beliefs), for everything within flows naturally and effortlessly, like the way nature “forms” or allows a rainbow. In the space are …illions of “free-floating” ideas waiting to be connected up with others in a most elegant, synergetic, symbiotic manner, that produces magnificent, desirable, useful, and reliable results.
It would not be preposterous to consider that perhaps all wonderful thinkers, inventors, artists, designers have been influenced by such a “space.”

SpaceShip Earth: This characterization is excitingly accurate because we are spinning and zipping through space at an astonishing speed (rotating daily on our axis @1,000 miles per hour, revolving around the sun @66,000 miles per hour). All necessary supplies are aboard (except for continual, abundant sunlight, and minimal stellar “dust”) and no resupply vehicle is in sight. Our relationship with other passengers truly is as intimate as on any passenger aircraft or space shuttle.

Synergy: Synergy is a behavioral orientation reporting that the behavior of a whole system is unpredictable by the behavior of its parts taken separately. Two good examples are: 1) there is nothing in a snapshot of a caterpillar that suggests it will turn into a butterfly; and 2) the sum of the individual tensile strengths of carbon, nickel, steel is substantially less than the tensile strength of the resulting alloy when they are metallurgically combined.

Thrive: One way to consider life on SpaceShip Earth, is that every species has integral equipment that enables them to thrive in their niche. Thriving is essentially dependent on two things: 1) the ability to adapt to changing environmental conditions, 2) operating in an evolutionarily stable manner. Species that thrive, effectively meet all of their needs within their niche and avoid moving into stressful environments. By design, instinct enables species to naturally/spontaneously stay within their niche; therefore, thriving is natural/automatic as long as environmental conditions are favorable.

Useful and reliable: Useful and reliable are properties of all universal PLTs and is the standard that we aspire to in every aspect of our efforts. “Useful and reliable” is a phrase R. Buckminster Fuller used to describe how nature operates. As our culture comes to operate to a greater extent in useful and reliable fashion and when humans pay attention and faithfully make choices consistent with the integrity of universal laws and principles, choices will naturally have more desirable consequences, and we will naturally be in a vastly improved story, with increased possibilities of meeting all needs, doing no harm.

True Wealth: Anything that respects life, supports life, protects life, and/or sustains life.

Unevident Selfishness: Unevident Selfishness refers to those actions, which in reality are self-centered, self-indulgent, yet may not “show up” as such, or stand out in our culture because almost everyone accepts them as “normal,” therefore the term “unevident.” This includes things like: 1) climbing the corporate ladder; 2) competition; 3) looking out for #1; 4) compromises because one has a family to feed; 5) succeeding at the expense of someone else; 6) rationalizing an excessive ecological footprint lifestyle; 7) rationalizing things that are not okay to do on a spaceship with seven billion passengers; 8) etc.
For us, humans choosing to be selfish is distinct from being naturally self-aware. Selfish choices typically preclude co-operation and ignore natural synergetic and symbiotic relationships.

Unexamined Assumptions: Unexamined assumptions are generally conclusions/positions one has arrived at more because of custom, conditioning, or circumstances (like a default position), rather than intellectual rigor. Reasons for such assumptions range from, “because that's the way it has always been done,” to being a habit, or to being the most convenient (paths of least resistance) choice. Maybe it is things we take for granted because that seems to be the way the world works. Normally we don't even give them second thoughts. Most people could make quite a list of them. Unexamined assumptions may or may not hold up to logical scrutiny. An important thing about them is that when one begins to look objectively and honestly, new perspectives and realizations can open up rapidly.

Who to Listen to: Perhaps the greatest news is that we don't really have to listen to anybody—we all are born with the capability to discern reality from nonsense—Universe provides all answers—human just need to cut through the distortions in our cultural story and remember how to live with our “designed in” integrity. Since current cultural conditions rarely afford such an opportunity, WIN recommends paying attention to:
1) Comprehensive thinkers who have proven records of reporting use of universal principles/laws/truths;
2) Personal experiences of validating universal laws;
3) Paying attention to all of the clues nature gives;
4) Rethinking everything, continually (to assure Cosmically Adequate augmentation);
5) Saturating oneself with Cosmically Adequate information; and
6) Developing a rigid set of Cosmically Adequate moral and ethical filters.

Source: Dave Buck

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