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Buckminster Fuller
Buckminster Fuller

These are listed in order of their most recent publication rather than their original publication dates as Amazon has never understood the value of including first edition dates. Dave Buck merits huge appreciation for having instigated a movement to place many of Buckminster Fuller's works back into a visible platform such as Amazon provides….and reasonably priced as well — each of these is a public treasure. We have added, below the line, books related to Buckminster Fuller, by others. We strongly recommend use of the reviews before making any purchase. 

2010 DVD The World of Buckminster Fuller (Microcinema)

2009 Education Automation: Comprehensive Learning for Emergent Humanity (Lars Muller Publishers)

2008 Grunch of Giants (Design Science Press)

2008 Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (Lars Muller Publishers)

2008 Utopia or Oblivion: The Prospects for Humanity (Lars Muller Publishers)

2005 DVD Buckminster Fuller: The Lost Interviews (UFO TV)

2004 Guinea Pig B: The 56 Year Experiment (Critical Pathpub)


2004 AUDIO Only Integrity Is Going To Count (Critical Pathpub)

2002 Critical Path 2nd Revised Edition (Saint Martin’s Griffin)

1992 MAP Fuller Projection Dymaxion Air-ocean World (Buckminster Fuller Institute)

1992 Cosmography: A Posthumous Scenario for the Future of Humanity (Macmillan)

1990 DVD Basic Bucky: R. Buckminster Fuller (Masters & Masterworks)

1983 Inventions: The Patented Works of R. Buckminster Fuller (St. Martins Press)

1982 Critical Path (St. Martin’s Griffin)

1982 Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking (Macmillan)

1982 Tetrascroll: Goldilocks and the Three Bears, A Cosmic Fairy Tale (ULAE/St. Martin’s Press)

1979 Synergetics 2: Further Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking (Macmillan)

1977 DVD Reflections-R. Buchminster Fuller (Masters & Masterworks)

1976 And It Came to Pass–Not to Stay (Macmillan)

1975 Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking (Macmillan)

1973 Earth, Inc. (Doubleday)

1973 Intuition (Doubleday)

1973 The Dymaxion World of Buckminster Fuller (Doubleday Anchor Books)

1972 Buckminster Fuller to Children of Earth (Doubleday)

1972 Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (Pocket Books)

1972 PLAYBOY INTERVIEW: R. Buckminster Fuller (Playboy)

1972 The Buckminster Fuller Reader (Penguin)

1971 Nine chains to the moon (Doubleday)

1971 No More Secondhand God and Other Writings (Doubleday)

1970 Buckminster Fuller Reader (Jonathan Cape Ltd.)

1970 I Seem to Be a Verb: Environment and Man’s Future

1970 Untitled Epic Poem On the History of Industrialization (Touchstone)

1969 Ideas and Integrities: A Spontaneous Autobiographical Disclosure (Macmillan)

1969 Operating Manual for Spaceship Earth (Simon & Schuster)

1969 Utopia or Oblivion (Bantam Books)



TZM Lecture Team, The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought (CreateSpace)


Gerst, Cole (2013). Buckminster Fuller: Poet of Geometry (Option-G)

Glancey, Jonathan (2013). Buckminster Fuller Dymaxion Car (Ivory Press)

Lopez-Perez, Daniel (2013) R. Buckminster Fuller: World Man (Princeton Architectural Press)

Van der Ryn, Sim (2013) Design for an Empathic World: Reconnecting People, Nature, and Self (Island Press)


Blake, Trevor (2012). KINDLE The Lost Inventions of Buckminster Fuller and Other Essays (synchronofile.com)

Fuller, Steven (2012). A Fuller View: Buckminster Fuller’s Vision of Hope and Abundance for All (Divine Arts)

Furumoto, Laurie (2012). KINDLE Buckminster Fuller Unit Study (Homeschool Learning Network)


Sadao, Shoji (2011). Buckminster Fuller and Isamu Noguchi: Best of Friends (5Continents)


Suroqwitz, Martin (2010). KINDLE A World That Works for Everybody: Visions of Utopia; Buckminster Fuller and Me (Amazon Digial Services)


Blake, Trevor (2009). Buckminster Fuller Biography (Synchronofile)

Brennerman, Richard (2009). Fuller’s Earth: A Day With Buckminster Fuller and the Kids (New Press)

Chu, Hsiao-Yun and Roberto Trujillo (eds) (2009). New Views on R. Buckminster Fuller (Stanford University Press)

Edmondson, Any (2009). A Fuller Explanation: The Synergetic Geometry of R Buckminster Fuller (EmergentWorld)


Hays, K. Michael et al (2008). Buckminster Fuller: Starting with the Universe (Whitney Museum of American Art)

Neder, Federico (2008). Fuller Houses: R. Buckminster Fuller’s Dymaxion Dwellings and Other Domestic Adventures (Lars Muller)


Van der Ryn, Sim (2007) Ecological Design, Tenth Anniversary Edition (Island Press)


Gorman, Michael John (2005). Buckminster Fuller: Designing for Mobility (Skira)


Zung, Thomas T. K. (2001). Buckminster Fuller: Anthology for the New Millennium (St. Martin’s Press)


Gerber Jr., Alex (2001). Wholeness: On Education, Buckminster Fuller, and Tao (Gerber Educational Resources)


Fuller, Steven (2000). Buckminster Fuller’s Universe: His Life and Work (Basic Books)


Krausse, Joachim (1999). Your Private Sky: R. Buckminster Fuller (Lars Muller Publishers)


Baldwin, J. (1996). BuckyWorks: Buckminster Fuller’s Idea for Today (Wiley)


Pawley, Martin (1990). Buckminster Fuller: Design Heroes Series (Parkwest Pubns)


Aaseng, Nathan (1986). More with Less: The Future World of Buckminster Fuller (Lerner Pub Group)


Lord, Athena (1978). Pilot for Spaceship Earth: R. Buckminster Fuller, Architect, Inventor, and Poet (Athena V. Lord)


Applewhite, E. J. (1977). Cosmic Fishing: An Account of Writing Synergetics With Buckminster Fuller (Macmillan)


Kenner, Hugh (1973). Bucky: A guided tour of Buckminster Fuller (Morrow)

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