Mini-Me: Cyber Expert: Open Source Intelligence Needs Improvement

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Who? Mini-Me?


Cyber Expert: Open Source Intelligence Needs Improvement

The advantage of cyberspace is the large volume of information it holds,” said Esti Peshin, Director of Cyber Services for IAI, at the Israeli Video Analysis Conference organized by iHLS. Peshin was referring to the intelligence gathering potential of open source intelligence (OSNIT), adding that “on the other hand, this forces us to use much more advanced methods of analysis.”

According to Peshin one of the most significant challenges lies in categorizing the mass of information in terms of reliability. The only way to overcome this problem is to cross-reference many sources of data. “We want to create a comprehensive intelligence picture, rather than producing just one single item of information, since that single item can be faked.” IAI experiments, added Peshin, have shown that it takes only 48 hours to create a believable and complex fake identity, with no less than a hundred facebook friends who believe it is a real person. All it takes is opening an e-mail account.

The advantage of video footage, said Peshin, is its relatively high reliability. “It’s usually objective information, highly relevant and easily accessible. I’m not saying its impossible to fake, but the assumption is that if we collect more than ten video items the level of objectivity rises.”

In an interview to iHLS TV Peshin added that “the cost of collecting this information is significantly lower than employing other types of intelligence gathering.” However, she concluded “we also have to continue gathering in the traditional intelligence gathering methods.”

Phi Beta Iota: The OSINT movement was hijacked by corrupt corporations and ignorant government employees focused on the butts in seats high overhead model and unwilling to listen to those who actually knew how to achieve full and balanced OSINT at very low cost. We have wasted 25 years, during which time the secret intelligence enterprise has grown exponentially, out of control, and rather stupid to boot. What passes for secret decision support today shames all intelligence professionals.

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