Mother Jones: Can’t Touch This – Best Overview of Pentagon Corruption and Idiocy at This Time and Place

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mother jones masterCAN”T TOUCH THIS

The wars are winding down. It's the age of austerity. But nobody messes with the Pentagon budget.

Until Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) and Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) rode to the rescue this week, Pentagon brass and their allies had been issuing dire warnings about the nation's military readiness: The armed services were being decimated, they said, by sequestration—the automatic budget cuts that were set to trim $1 trillion from the Pentagon budget over the next decade. “It's one thing for the Pentagon to go on a diet. It's another for the Pentagon to wear a straitjacket while dieting,” grumbled Rep. Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.). The message got through: The House overwhelmingly approved the Ryan-Murray plan just two days after it was introduced.

But now, the Pentagon has once more gotten a reprieve from the budget ax: Under Murray and Ryan's congressional budget deal, the Pentagon will get an additional $32 billion, or 4.4 percent, in 2014, leaving its base budget at a higher level than in 2005 and 2006. (The Department of Defense expects its total 2014 budget, including supplemental war funding, to be more than $600 billion.)

Before the budget deal, some critics of defense spending had been ready to accept sequestration as the blunt, imperfect tool that might force the military to shed some of the bulk it acquired while fighting two of the longest and most expensive wars in our history. Even with the sequester in place, the Pentagon's base budget was set to remain well above pre-9/11 levels for the next decade, and the military would have taken a far smaller haircut than it did after Vietnam and the Cold War wound down.


Phi Beta Iota: This is a dishonest budget that is not in the public interest. While the DoD budget has been dishonest since the Cold War was manufactured in the aftermath of WWII, we are now in an era where public intelligence with integrity is capable of exposing lies and blatant corruption at the highest levels. Neither the Secretary of Defense nor the service chiefs are being honest or professional in relation to real needs. Not only do we NEED a 450 ship Navy, a long-haul Air Force, and an air-mobile Army, but we need a Pentagon that can accomplish this AND cut 30% of the budget over 4 years. Absent intelligence with integrity, this will not happen.

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