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Who, Me?
Who, Me?

Who would have imagined!

The Untold Story of Antiwar Conservatives

And how the truth about invading Iraq was suppressed by laptop bombardiers.

What’s missing from reminiscences of the War on Iraq is how and why the war propaganda was spread so effectively, particularly among Republicans. In fact, the refusal of most conservative media to publish contrary information was one of the reasons this magazine was founded. The American Conservative provided an outlet for many respected conservatives who couldn’t get antiwar views published.

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Conservatives opposed to empire and war included Pat Buchanan, Scott McConnell, Charley Reese, Paul Craig Roberts, Paul Gottfried, myself, Doug Bandow, Bill Kauffman, Sheldon Richman, Leon Hadar, Allan Brownfeld, Martin Sieff, Phil Giraldi, as well as other respected leaders such as congressmen John Duncan and Ron Paul and future senator James Webb.

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The loose collective Anonymous have targeted a number of big institutions in recent years
The loose collective Anonymous have targeted a number of big institutions in recent years

VIDEO: Eminem, Ice Cube and Korn Team Up with Anonymous to Call For Global Revolution
‘Everything’s corrupt, everything’s fucked up.’

The word “epic” long ago lost all its linguistic potency when Burger King and Hot Topic began to use it in the advertisement of their products. Yet if ever if there was an occasion to resurrect the term, it would be to describe the music video released today by elements of Anonymous along with Ice Cube, Eminem, and Korn.

They team up to splice together a nuance-eschewing, face-melting, testosterone-charged collaboration meant to incept a massive wave of action against the seemingly indomitable power of corporatist-totalitarianism within the world’s leading liberal republics.

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Phi Beta Iota: The sensible portion of the Republican party has been repressed for too long. There is a huge coalition emergent that could bring together, in 2016, the sensible right, the sensible left, and the sensible middle. Hillary Clinton is a grotesque caricature of a candidate, the Democrats have no bench, and none of the extremist Republicans can stand scrutiny from anyone with a brain. The way is open for a candidate able to credibly unify the Independents, Occupy, the four key excluded small parties in order of size (Libertarian, Green, Constitutional, Reform), and attract the emergent Workers, Justice, and Whig elements. The second group, hardly the left, more like the avant guard of the center, is the artistic counterpoint to Occupy. Perhaps equally important, it is now known that the mainstream media is corrupt to the bone (our founding editor Robert Steele was among those who offered up $10K each to a group whose attempt to place full page ads against the war was refused by the Washington Post, New York Times, and Los Angeles Times) AND the mainstream media no longer matters as it once did — the alternative media is in full throat.

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