Berto Jongman: 5 Emerging Technologies That Could Destroy the World

Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence, Earth Intelligence
Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

5 Emerging Technologies That Could Destroy The World

By Glyn Taylor

That’s Really Possible, 07/07/2013


1 & 2 Nanotechnology & 3D Printers

3 & 4 Artificial General Intelligence & Big Data

5 Biotechnology

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Utterly interesting and selected for headline link from Phi Beta Iota the Public Intelligence Blog. The problem with Martin Rees and his focus on existential threats is that he appears reluctant to focus on the foundation for getting it right: holistic analytics and true cost economics such that the ENTIRE public is fully informed and engaged. Right now science is “owned” by the wealthy and I have absolutely no doubt that eugenics is high on their list of “good stuff” as in the Good Guys Club with Warren Bufftet, Bill Gates and other brilliantly myopic beings who think it perfectly legitimate to fantacise about “cleansing” Africa of Africans and America of the “unworthy” and “lazy” poor. The human brain is the one unlimited resource we have, and diversity is the engine for harmonizing and amplfying all those brains.  Our focus at PBI is on ending the industrial era and top down “because I said so” idiocy combined with rich guy “I must be right because I’m rich” arrogance — we are putting our faith in the five billion poor and connecting them to all information in all languages all the time — Internet Stage 2 (Autonomous Internet) and Internet Stage 3 (World Brain). In the mean time, we do so enjoy reading about existential threats divorced from the real needs of humanity.

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