Owl: Was a Harry Potter-Like Electronic “Cloak of Invisibility” Used on Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 by Freescale Semiconductor Contractors?

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Was a Harry Potter-Like Electronic “Cloak of Invisibility” Used on Flight 370 by Freescale Semiconductor Contractors?

This article comprehensively brings together virtually all the reported facts about Flight 370 of Malaysian Airlines and well worth reading entirely. However, the most interesting information from it, not shared in other sources, to my knowledge, except where they got it from, and I have been looking hard, is information on the very special background of 20 passengers on flight 370. Here’s the extract on it:
“In a more radical theory, the possibility of electronic warfare has also been raised following confirmation that there were at least 20 passengers onboard from Texas-based Freescale Semiconductor. Each of these passengers had specialist knowledge of electronic technology for defence applications. This could include ‘cloaking’ technology that uses a hexagonal array of glasslike panels to bend light around an object, such as plane, according to a report in Beforeitsnews.com. Other techniques may have been used to jam signals, allowing the plane to vanish from radar detection without its security systems being activated.

It is conceivable that the Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 plane is “cloaked,” hiding with hi-tech electronic warfare weaponry that exists and is used,’ Beforeitsnews.com wrote. ‘In fact, this type of technology is precisely the expertise of Freescale that has 20 employees on board the missing flight.’ ‘These were people with a lot of experience and technical background and they were very important people,’ Mr Mitch Haws, Global communications officer for the tech company, said. The company recently launched a major initiative dedicated to serving radio frequency power needs of U.S. aerospace and defence sector.”

In light of this, could the jet have landed undetected – due to cloaking conducted by the Freescale contractors – and the passengers still alive, or were until landing at some very remote place? Is this an intel operation and/or experiment or a “dry run” conducted by CIA or another 3 letter agency, teaming up with their contractors? If so, to what purpose? What’s their next step after this?

Was flight MH370 lost in an aeronautical black hole or did catastrophic power failure prevent air traffic control plotting its every move?

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