SchwartzReport: USAF Totals a Stealth Fighter — Poof Goes a Billion Dollars Plus (Write Off Plus Replacement Cost)

Corruption, Idiocy, Ineptitude, Military
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Another Day, Another $678 Million Stealth Jet Wrecked

This is where our money goes. We don’t have money to feed kids, educate them, or run public libraries. But another 100 million for a new weapon… sure, no problem.

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Phi Beta Iota: Worth a full read. The second jet was damaged and will cost $35 million to repair. These jets are making their pilots stick from the toxins in the stealth chemical mix, there are two few of them, and they are too subject to being rendered inoperable. The US Air Force cannot be trusted to design, build, and maintain a responsible mix of aircraft. Their efforts to terminate the A-10, the one working aircraft in their attack inventory, is proof perfect of the incapacity of Air Force “leaders,” all of whom should be dismissed. As with the secret intelligence community, the Department of Defense is almost at a point where all existing programs needs to be abolished, and a clean-sheet modern ethical home-based defense infrastructure created to replace it.

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