Stephen E. Arnold: OpenText Innovates In File Sync And Share

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

OpenText Innovates In File Sync And Share

OpenText announces its new product: OpenText Tempo. The new file sharing collaboration platform is highlighted in the press release, “Social Collaboration Combined With Secure Files Sync and Share: Introducing OpenText Tempo.” OpenText describes Tempo as a project that required teamwork from all over the world.

OpenText Tempo will be able to:

“…provides an engaging user experience that combines the convenience of secure file sync and share with social collaboration and seamless integration to Content Server. It connects people with each other and with their content in a secure, compliant environment that enables open dialogues to take place, extending the value of content through the process of collaboration.”

It is the company’s first EIM application with integration for other products, including Tempo Note, Tempo Social, and Tempo Box. OpenText also says it improves Web site management, web experience management, and portal applications.

It is a commercially secure file sharing and social platform. Will Dropbox and other free services be able to something similar on at an appealing price point?

Whitney Grace, March 01, 2014
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