Wayne Madsen: Snowden Had Help — CIA vs NSA Story Gains Traction

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Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

Snowden was not alone: CIA faction behind leak of NSA document trove

February 15-17, 2014

Sources within the U.S. intelligence community have told WMR, on the condition of anonymity, that National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden gained access to and released tens of thousands of classified NSA documents because a faction within the Central Intelligence Agency was growing increasingly alarmed over the massive surveillance system controlled by NSA. In many cases, highly compartmented CIA covert operations abroad were made known to NSA because of the ability of the signals intelligence and cyber warfare agency to monitor full spectrum digital communications worldwide, including those of the CIA.

A group of active and retired CIA officers, in addition to CIA contractors, set out to expose the NSA's massive surveillance operations, as well as those of its foreign partners. Snowden, a former CIA employee who worked for the joint NSA-CIA Special Collection Service in Geneva, Switzerland as an official cover CIA employee attached to the U.S. Mission to the United Nations and in Misawa, Japan under non-official cover with Dell Computer and Booz Allen Hamilton, was chosen by the CIA faction as the person best positioned to collect NSA documents and leak them to the media.

NSA recently fired a U.S. government civilian who worked at the NSA Regional Security Operations Center in Kunia, Hawaii. The unnamed male civilian, who was not charged with any crime, is said to have shared his “Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) Certificate” with Snowden, allowing access to the NSANet. NSA claims that Snowden did not have access to NSANet. NSA's claims of collusion between Snowden and the civilian employee are contained in an UNCLASSIFIED/FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY memo for the House Judiciary Committee dated February 10, 2014. The memo also states that Snowden was assisted by two other personnel in Kunia, an active duty military member and a contractor, in collecting the NSA documents. Although the FBI investigated all three unidentified employees at the Kunia facility, no criminal charges against them were filed by Justice Department prosecutors. The memo states that the civilian government employee “remained in an uncleared employee status pending an appeal of the revocation [of his security clearance], and he resigned on 10 January 2014.

The Snowden affair: It's “Spy vs. Spy.”

WMR has been told the reason for the lack of criminal charges is that the Obama White House has been stunned by the extent of the operation to expose the NSA surveillance network and the use by both the Obama administration and the previous Bush administration of NSA signals intelligence and other information for purely political purposes having little or nothing to do with national security.

Elements within the CIA have also informed the Obama White House, particularly John Podesta, the counselor to the president for all matters dealing with the NSA leaks, that if the White House or Justice Department moves against the CIA for the Snowden leaks, the CIA will release highly embarrassing personal information on the president.

The CIA faction helped arrange, through its own back channels, safe passage for Snowden from Hong Kong to Moscow. Attempts to kidnap or assassinate Snowden in Moscow have been stymied by close cooperation between the CIA faction and the Russian domestic security service, the Federal Security Bureau (FSB), and the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service (Sluzhba Vneshney Razvedki or SVR).

The involvement of Booz Allen Hamilton, which is owned by the CIA- and Bush family-linked Carlyle Group, has put the Obama White House on notice that the operation to expose NSA involves powerful political forces. Suggestions by some within the Justice Department, including Attorney General Eric Holder, and Rick Ledgett, the NSA official in charge of the Snowden leak damage assessment, that some sort of clemency deal might be worked out between the U.S. government and Snowden that would allow him to return to the United States from Russia is a realization that the operation to expose NSA involves major elements of the U.S. Intelligence Community. Russia has granted Snowden permanent political asylum.

WMR has learned that NSA's communications surveillance net compromised sensitive CIA operations for which NSA has no certified need-to-know or special compartmented access. The exposure of these CIA operations, including a weapons transfer operation that saw Libyan caches once in the hands of Muammar Qaddafi being transferred from Benghazi to jihadist forces in Syria. This intelligence became known to NSA's FIVE EYES signals intelligence partners in Canada, Britain, and Australia. The compromise of such information to NSA resulted in CIA programs in Latin America, Africa, South Asia, and the Middle East being placed in jeopardy. Some of the more sensitive aspects of the CIA operations, including drone operations, were passed on to Israeli, Indian, French, and German intelligence by the Communications Security Establishment Canada, Britain's Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), and the Australian Signals Directorate.

Phi Beta Iota: Madsen's subscription is only $7 for individuals, and a real value. The above was posted by one of his subscribers to help us connect some dots. Click here to subscribe to the Madsen Report. We have no way of knowing whether NSA is actually being brought down by CIA or not. What we do know is that Snowden's transition from zero to immaculate spy was managed by Booz Allen and CIA; that if he was not a Chinese recruitment in Hawaii (still our preferred explanation) then this report rises in credibility; and that NSA has clearly crossed over too many boundaries with Wall Street elites and their political servants. CIA is known to have been running operations on the US Congress for decades, but those are ham-fisted and marginal in value compared to NSA's being able to grab every call, every webcam, every text on anyone. From a revolutionary stand-point, if this story is even partially true, the war between CIA and NSA (as well as the war between CIA and FBI) is representative of a collapse of the elite police force, and along with the stories of banking suicides, arrests, retirements, and murders, a clear milestone toward a public uprising to put down an out of control government that has sold out to a deeply evil cabal in constant betrayal of the public trust.  We do not know the facts. We sense opportunity in chaos — “fire in the lake” — and pray that good will come all this.

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