Berto Jongman: US National Security Achilles Heel – Electromagnetic Spectrum’s Vulnerability to Being Fried

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

U.S. National Security’s Achilles Heel – The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Over the past four years bills on cybersecurity, Electromagnetic Pulse threats, and other forms of “purposeful interference” with U.S. cyberspace have been introduced only to go nowhere.

By now it has been well established that EMP, whether in the form of a Carrington Event of solar origin or the explosion of a high-radiation-yield nuclear device in the atmosphere above the United States could knock out the country’s electrical grid and therewith threaten the lives of 9 of 10 Americans, making a conventional nuclear attack seem like child’s play.

Although a super solar fare on September 1, 1859, was observed and documented by the English astronomer Richard Carrington, and it is known that U.S. adversaries like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea either have or can construct and explode a nuclear device in the atmosphere above large parts of the country, these threats are not taken seriously.

On December 23, 2013, the Defense Threat Reduction Agency issued a solicitation “to … conduct satellite system performance modeling, satellite system response-to-environments modeling, high altitude weapons electromagnetic pulse effects modeling, and disturbed atmosphere effects modeling…”

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Phi Beta Iota: A number of us including Winn Schwartau, Jim Anderson then of NSA, Bill Caelli, Peter Black, and Robert Steele, have been warning of C4I deficiencies and vulnerabilities since the late 1980’s.  All of these individuals, despite invited testimony to Congress and executive bodies, have been IGNORED. Solar flares are not the problem. Indiscriminate electromagnetic interference, and excessive reliance on top down spectrum allocations instead of bottom up self-healing networks, is the problem. On a positive note, it may now be possible to get the Congressional oversight committees to think about a Smart Nation – Safe Nation Act that simultaneously creates an open source everything self-healing network that is secure without being secret, and also creates public intelligence infrastructure including the Open Source Agency, the World Brain Institute, the School for Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance, and a restored US Constitution.

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