Stephen A. Arnold: 72% Do Not Trust Google Glass

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Predictably No One Trusts Google Glass

A portion of Back To The Future II where Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly invades the far-flung future of 2015. Among flying cars, self-drying clothes, and hover boards a few of the citizens where these weird glasses that they use to watch TV and do other activities. The people wearing these devices look weird and are committing a horrendous fashion faux pas. This is how many people view Google Glass, but fashion statement aside they also don’t trust the digital accessory because of privacy concerns. explains in “Americans Distrust Google Glass” that a recent market survey from Toluna explained that more than 72 percent of Americans do not want to spend the money on the device, because they’re worried their private data could become public and being recorded without consent.

“Toluna managing director Mark Simon said: ‘Google Glass is not yet available on the open market, although it is clear that a high proportion of individuals have concerns about the potential impact on their privacy. This is something Google and other tech companies using the technology should address before the product can become mainstream.’ “

Google has released a list of Google Glass misconceptions, but it does not help alleviate concerns about it being a safety hazard, especially while driving. Interesting more than 33 percent were worried about being mugged if they wore Google Glass in public. Either they would be mugged to steal the Google Glass or because the fashion police found they had committed a felony.

Whitney Grace, May 12, 2014
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