Jean Lievens: Interview with Ricardo Semler Pioneer of Organizations of Free People

03 Economy, 04 Education, Civil Society, Commerce, Commercial Intelligence, Cultural Intelligence
Jean Lievens
Jean Lievens

A full interview with Ricardo Semler by the Dutch TV-show Backlight. In our episode ‘The capital power of hapiness’ we made a portrait of this Brasilian business man. Here you can watch the full interview of one hour and a half. Mostly unedited, but divided in chapters.

This man is Semco’s business guru, and known for his development of leadership by omission.

Offers major insights into education as well as business — structures that focus on “managing” large groups of people, especially children, are not focusing on their core mission — creating value or teaching. A society’s “constraints” and blinders begin embedding at the age of two — that is the starting point for creating a Smart Nation of free spirits instead of sheep.

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