Wayne Madsen: NSA Spies on US Allies — With Direct Witting Assistance of AT&T, EDS, Qwest, H-P, Motorola, Cisco, Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon

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Wayne Madsen
Wayne Madsen

Washington Spies on NATO; Other Allies


Strategic Culture.org | 18.05.2014


Implants are inserted by NSA into targeted computer systems and network devices through what the NSA calls «supply-chain interdiction». Equipment is intercepted between the manufacturer and the end-user. At a secret facility called a «load station», devices called «beacons» are inserted clandestinely into a device’s hardware. These pre-positioned access points permit later access by NSA into «hard target» networks around the world.

NSA names its strategic partners in its «collect-it-all», codenamed ASPHALT operations, around the world. These are AT&T, EDS, Qwest, H-P, Motorola, Cisco, Qualcomm, Oracle, Intel, IBM, Microsoft, and Verizon. In all, over 80 «major global corporations» support NSA’s worldwide collection efforts. With corporate cooperation, NSA captures Internet data from seven «international choke point» access sites in the continental United States. Their cover names are Breckenridge, Tahoe, and Sun Valley on the U.S. West Coast; Whistler in the South; and Killington, Coppermountain, and Maverick on the East Coast.

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Phi Beta Iota: “Made in USA” is now grounds for refusal to use, rent, or buy. Why anyone would buy anything made in or transiting the USA is beyond us. The corruption of NSA we have known about and been writing about since the early 1990’s. The corruption of the US corporations and their “leadership” teams betraying every possible principle of responsible commerce, come as a surprise. In our view, stockholders in these corporations should be ruthlessly cleaning house and eliminating from employment every single person who in any way assisted NSA in demeaning the value of US commerce. Purchasers of products from these companies have a reasonable basis for demanding their money back and the removal of all US equipment promptly. Made in USA = Screwed by NSA. Idiocy enabled by an inattentive White House and a completely dysfunctional Congress.

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