EXTRA: Video of Bergdahl Handed Over to Contractors or CIA — Patted Down Next to Helicopter Not Before

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Evidently the US military did not feel it could or should be responsible for the direct recovery of Bergdahn, whether he is a returning deserter or a freed prisoner. A more professional exchange would have dropped off the receiving team, which would have a) taken the time to engage and b) called in for lift-off after being fully satisfied Bergdahl was not another Khost Kathy moment (do not, EVER, wait until you are next to the platform before doing your explosives search).

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Phi Beta Iota: This is a sad tale all around. The President has either been sand-bagged, or this is a ham-fisted attempt to interfere in the Afghan election by raising the Taliban spectre on behalf of Abdullah. If someone wants to make lemonade now, this could still be spun as Bergdahl being a SOCOM/CIA plant beaconed and monitored via satellite who provided priceless insights into the state of Taliban moral, capability, and susceptibility to US counter-operations. Neither the White House nor the CIA appear to have a deep bench. Allowing the President to ppear with a Taliban look-alike Bergdahl father was a major mis-step by White House PR folks.

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