EXTRA: Berto Jongman: BBC = Buggering British Children

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

The Pathetic Panorama Savile Whitewash

The Panorama documentary about Jimmy Savile has just aired.

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For all those viewers who want to know the real truth about the BBC Savile cover-up, here are just some of the facts that Panorama conveniently forgot to mention:

1)  Savile was a murderous, mass-rapist and also a VIP pimp, procuring children for the Establishment for decades.

2)  He was an integral part of a huge paedophile network linked to Royalty, government, Intel and many other agencies.

3)  His close links to Prince Charles and sly Israeli spy agency Mossad, made him untouchable.

4)  Every director at the BBC knew full well about his sordid activities.

5)  Crimewatch presenter Jill Dando was about to blow the lid on the paedo-ring but Savile soon shut her up with a bullet to the head.

6)  Her Crimewatch co-host Nick Ross, recently said he’d watch child-pornography given half the chance.

7)  Ross runs the Crimestoppers organisation which is a ‘front’, used to filter out calls about Establishment crimes. The Crimestoppers helpline stopped working at the time of the Jill Dando murder appeal.

8)  His wife’s cousin is BBC filth Esther Rantzen, She runs another ‘front’ in the guise of Childline, which monitors VIP abuse calls.

9)  Rantzen knew all about Savile and his child-raping ways. She is known to hold sordid parties at her Blood Oaks estate, which some claim have resulted in the deaths of children.

10)  Paedophilic, Rothschild bum-boy, Peter Mandelson runs the NSPCC. They mysteriously ‘lost’ 500 child-abuse victims files. The initial figure of 1,000 plus children alleged to have been raped by Savile has for some unknown reason dropped to 500.

11) The NSPCC is one of the most corrupt and evil organisations in Britain and a key player in the child-procurement and paedophile ring.

12) Mandelson and his close pal Cimestopper’s trustee, Waheed Alli, are closely linked to Bob Geldof whose daughter Peaches knew about the ring and was found dead in suspicious circumstances.

13)  The suspicious deaths of BBC staff Natasha Collins, Mark Speight, Kristian Digby and Savile’s driver, David Smith are all linked to the scandal.

14)  Jimmy Savile was not a lone-wolf as the BBC would have you believe. He was one of many who have, courtesy of the BBC, raped, abused and in some cases killed, thousands upon thousands of Britain’s innocent children.

These horrifying facts are unfortunately merely the tip of the iceberg where filthy Britain’s dirty secrets are concerned.

You won’t get the truth from pathetic Panorama.

Never in a million years.

But the truth will out anyway.

It’s only a matter of time…

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