Berto Jongman: Manufacturing Consent – Eleven Mainstream Media Tactics

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

11 Tactics Used by the Mainstream Media to Manufacture Consent for the Oligarchy

The public is still largely numb to this reality, and in a wicked catch-22 for modern man, many people are still addicted to the very media that serves as the primary weapon of social control against them. The tide is turning, however, and to help break the spell we bring you this comprehensive list of 11 tactics used against the public by the mainstream media to coerce consensus, divide, conquer, ridicule and stifle truthful or meaningful conversation about the state of our world.


1. Lying by Omission
2. Controlling the Debate
3. Selecting the Right Anchors, Casters, and Presenters
4. Scripting and Synchronizing the News
5. Politicizing Everything
6. Using the Language of Separation and Labels
7. Asking the Wrong Questions
8. Closing the Book Too Soon
9. Trivilaity and Distraction
10. Outright Lying
11. Bonus – Eye Candy and Mind Melting

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