Owl: Israel’s Missile Defense is Failing — Media Avoiding the Story

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

Some significant information here most mainstream is ignoring — Hamas / Iran now have the edge.

“Paper Dome” and Israeli/US propaganda

“For more on the rockets now used by Hamas and Hezbollah, Robert Siegel speaks with Ted Postol, a professor of science, technology and national security policy at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Postol also comments on Israel’s pursuit of an upgraded defense system.

SIEGEL: They say it was intercepted by the Iron Dome missile defense system. How would – how successful is that system, in your view?

POSTOL: We can tell, for sure, from video images and even photographs that the Iron Dome system is not working very well at all. It – my guess is maybe 5 percent of the time – could be even lower.” (thanks Basim)

Israeli Rocket Defense System Is Failing at Crucial Task, Expert Analysts Say

The Rockets From Hamas, And The Iron Dome That Could Use Patching


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