Mini-Me: Confidence in US Government Plummets

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Who?  Mini-Me?
Who? Mini-Me?


Poll: Confidence in government plummets

Kendall Breitman, 30 June 2014

Americans are losing confidence in all three branches of government, as confidence in the Supreme Court and Congress has dropped to record lows and the White House has hit a six-year dip, according to a new poll.

In a Gallup poll released Monday, 30 percent of Americans expressed confidence in the Supreme Court, 7 percent in Congress and 29 percent in the presidency.

The numbers represent the lowest levels of confidence that Gallup has recorded for both the legislative and judicial branch since the poll question began being asked regularly in 1991. The executive branch experienced the largest decrease in confidence level, down 8 percentage points since 2013, compared to the 7-percentage-point drop for the Supreme Court and a 7-point dip for Congress.

Confidence in the president is now at its lowest since President Barack Obama has been in the White House. According to Gallup, when Obama took office, all three branches experienced a confidence boost.

The poll was conducted from June 5 to June 8 among 1,027 American adults and has a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

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