Berto Jongman: Another ISIS Beheading Likely Fraud — US Should WITHDRAW from the Middle East

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

-This 3rd video is following the same script and format as the previous two

-Again it was first reported by SITE Intelligence

-Again the actual beheading is not shown

-The result of the beheading is shown in a still

-This video is specifically directed at the allies of the US, the UK in particular

-Again this video ends with the warning that another ISIS hostage will be beheaded in the next video

ISIS David Haines Video (Actual Beheading NOT Shown)

Phi Beta Iota: However reprehensible beheadings may be, the bottom line is that the US and the UK are foreign invaders and occupiers and all evidence points to all suicide terrorism previously — and now beheadings whether real or fake — as being directly related to that fact. The absolute LAST thing an intelligent government with integrity would do is add fuel to the fire. The US should WITHDRAW from the Middle East, let the indigenous people's sort out their own fate, and deal diplomatically and commercially with whoever survives. Given all of the emergencies within the USA (including both California and Texas running out of water, the Ebola crisis threatening to spread to Europe as well as the USA, and so many other priorities, any suggest that we engage in armed action in the Middle East is IDIOCY.

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