Berto Jongman: Fake ISIS Beheading Videos — Blatant False Flag Fraud to Deceive the US Public — PBI Comment on War for the Soul of US Intelligence UPDATED: Bomb Syria or Control Ebola? Duh!

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Both beheading videos are questionable. Both were probably made by the same people following the same script and using the same format. I find it strange that the second video was distributed to subscribers of SITE before ISIS itself had the video made public. A SITE analyst had discovered the video on a filesharing site.

In both videos you don't see the actual beheadings which is uncommon for many other jihadi beheading video's. The two video's have become the trigger for the Obama speech in which he announced a new war. To me it is not clear at all why these two videos became ‘ trigger events' as there are execution video's almost on a weekly basis which are much more gruesome. Maybe it was because of the fact that the victims were allegedly well known US and Israel journalists. Phi Beta Iota posted the item by two US students showing how easy it is to produce a beheading video that looks quite genuine.

Immediately after the publication of the first video the regular conspiracy sites raised questions about it. What was very strange was  that several MSM came with stories quoting anonymous intelligence sources or security experts who repeated the critique and question marks by regular conspiracy websites. I've not seen that happening before. These experts kept open the possibility that the video's were staged although the victims may have been killed. MSM referring to US and UK intel have indicated that they are very close to identifying the real guy in the video.

Phi Beta Iota: A battle for the soul of US intelligence appears to be underway. On one side are the “leaders” who have chosen to prostitute their office and follow in the example of George Tenet, enabling lies to and by the White House. On the other side are the legions of real professionals — of the same caliber as those that knew that Ho Chi Minh was a nationalist, not a communist; who knew beyond doubt that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq (and who also knew that freeing the Shi'ites in Iraq at American expense was Iran's signal strategic goal). From where we sit as sidelined observers with no access at all to secret information, the revelations of Edward Snowden appear to be strengthening the integrity of the lower ranks within the US Intelligence Community (IC). People are starting to realize that their Oath to defend and support the US Constitution against all enemies, DOMESTIC and foreign, is a sacred oath, not an oath of convenience as Jim Clapper and Mike Vickers appear to believe. Properly trained professionals understand that they work for the public, not the chain of command, and that their most sacred duty to that public are a) to tell the truth and b) refuse illegal orders and if necessary denounce those illegal orders, first to the internal channels and then to Congress and then if necessary to the public. The current efforts of the US intelligence “leaders” to intimidate all employees by telling them that ANY contact with media, ANY comment out of office, will be grounds for loss of clearances and termination is, in our view, not just unprofessional, but grounds for the impeachment of those leaders and all those below below them who are pursuing these Gestapo-like tactics. The US Government is lying to the US public. We are long overdue for push-back on this culture of mendacity, and any sign of life — any sign of integrity from among the lower ranks of US intelligence professionals — is a most welcome indication that we can still restore intelligence with integrity to the US Government.

NOTE: There are two ways to produce a real beheaded body “by name.” The first is to actually behead them while making them think they are participating in a false flag operation for which they and  their families are being handsomely paid. The second is to take individuals killed by other means (e.g. direct mortar fire or random rounds — or even a sniper delivering a not-so-random round) and then combine a faked video with a real body beheaded in the laboratory. US citzens have no idea what rogue elements of their government are capable of. Absent an independent investigation we have no idea what has actually happened — all that we do know with certainty is that the US Government cannot be trusted to a) tell the truth or b) in the case of foreign affairs, know what the truth is.

NOTE: Ebola is getting scary. While the worst-case estimate of 5 million dead after multiple 21-day incubation periods may be over the top, what is not over the top is that there is a very real humanitarian and public health crisis in Africa that Obama is ignoring because his intelligence community is incapable of presenting a proper stoplight chart on forthcoming catastrophic events aligned with possible investments and the Return on Investment (RoI) of those investments.

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