Berto Jongman: Tony Shaffer on Benghazi and 9/11

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Berto Jongman
Berto Jongman

Retired Lt. Col. Reveals Secrets Of The 28-Page 9/11 Report

CIA-trained intelligence officer confirms Infowars analysis

In this incredibly powerful interview with Lt. Colonel Anthony Shaffer, a wealth of info is mined regarding the real parties involved in the Benghazi stand down and the truth behind the to be released 9/11 report of which 28 pages have not been released to the public for obvious reasons.

See Especially:

Graphic: Benghazi Fiasco Master Post with Links to All Posts, Map of DoD Assets Ordered to “Stand Down,” + RECAP Updated 11 May 13

Mini-Me: 9/11 Convergence + NEW Information + Comment by Robert Steele + List of Advance Warnings from Over 13 Countries

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