SchwartzReport: Top 12 Ecologicially Sustainable Countries

01 Agriculture, 05 Energy, 11 Society, 12 Water
Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Because we are controlled by carbon interests we rank 33rd on the Environmental Performance Index. Other countries not as encumbered have already begun to move to sustainability. In the coming decades they are going to prosper, we are going to suffer increasing decline until we change our social policies to reflect well as the first priority.

12 Ecologically Sustainable Countries and Why They Should Be Admired


1. Iceland   .   2. Switzerland   .   3. Costa Rica   .   4. Sweden   .   5. Luxembourg   .   6. Germany   .   7. Cuba   .   8. Colombia   .   9. Singapore   .   10. France   .   11. Norway   .   12. Finland

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