Mongoose: Year of the White House Jumper — You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet…

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The Year of the White House Jumper: Five trespassers have made their way past the presidential gates in 2014

Four of the intruders scaled the iron fence surrounding Obama’s mansion while one, a toddler, actually squeezed in between the bars of the fence.

Phi Beta Iota: Neither the Secret Service nor the various law enforcment agencie can handle what is coming — hundreds of angry citizens, a mix of unemployed college graduates, unemployed maltreated veterans, unemployed old guys, and soccer moms, all seeing the White House and Congress as enemy camps. Nobody wanted to listen to Jimmy Carter in the 1970’s or Chuck Spinney in the 1980’s or Robert Steele in the 1990’s — among many others sounding the alarm. A violent revolution is coming soon to the USA — unless the elite see the sense of an Electoral Reform Act in time for 2016. That is, in our view, the ONE THING that could stabilize America going forward.

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