Patrick Meier: Low-UAV for Post-Disaster Assessment — An Alternative to Government Imagery Intelligence That Is Neither Capable Nor Responsive…

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Patrick Meier
Patrick Meier

Low-Cost UAV Applications for Post-Disaster Assessments: A Streamlined Workflow

Colleagues Matthew Cua, Charles Devaney and others recently co-authored this excellent study on their latest use of low-cost UAVs/drones for post-disaster assessments, environmental development and infrastructure development. They describe the “streamlined workflow—flight planning and data acquisition, post-processing, data delivery and collaborative sharing,” that they created “to deliver acquired images and orthorectified maps to various stakeholders within [their] consortium” of partners in the Philippines. They conclude from direct hands-on experience that “the combination of aerial surveys, ground observations and collaborative sharing with domain experts results in richer information content and a more effective decision support system.”

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Phi Beta Iota: Both governments — and contractors unable to break out of legacy mind-sets — have wasted the past 25 years and over 1.2 trillion dollars (in USA alone). This has been deliberate — secret intelligence is a means of “moving money” as Thomas Binney has so artfully stated, it is not actually focused on creating evidence-based decision-support. The real pioneers are far removed from government, military, law enforcement and even commercial intelligence. In our view, Patrick Meier and CrisisMappers and now UAVs combined with crowd-sourcing, are “ground zero” for the emergence of public intelligence.

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