Robert Steele: REVOLUTION! The Open Source Everything Action Handbook [New Book, Winter Project]

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Robert Steele
Robert Steele

My recent attendance at Findhorn's New Story Summit, combined with my reading of two books, Micah Sifry's The Big Disconnect: Why the Internet Hasn't Transformed Politics (Yet) and Darrell West's Billionaires: Reflections on the Upper Crust, have come together to inspire a new book that seeks to unify the tribes with open source tools and aggregated money from four pots — UN SDG, Black Sheep Bilionaires, CEOs with angst, and USG.  This is my winter project. North Atlantic Books, publisher of The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, and Trust, is on board contingent of course on my actually producing a useful book for their editor to work with — I cannot say enough good things about the editor that cut OSE in half and reduced all words by one syllable. Below is an early outline.  I would be deeply grateful if you cared to read over the outline and give me feedback.  At this point I am just asking two questions: 01 Do the phrases resonate?  Should any of them be modified? 02 What am I missing — this is supposed to be a guide that brings us together for action rooted in spirituality, an end to lip service and me me me my hashtag or none fauz activism. What would you be looking for in such a book? Thank you for anything that might occur to you.  I am most optimistic about the future. Blessings to you all, Robert

Version 1.8 of 11 SEP 2014


The Open Source Everything Action Handbook

Robert David Steele

The Open Source Everything Action Handbook
Robert David Steele

Author’s Preface

Chapter 1: Paradigms Lost & Found
From Capitalism to Laborism
From Vertical to Horizontal Governance
Restoring the Integrity of Academia and Media
Reconnecting Civil Society

Chapter 2: The 1% Breaks Ranks
Inclusive Capitalism (Lady Rothschild)
Redemptive Capitalism (Black Sheep)
Mutuality Economics (Mars Family)
Other Emerging Economic Constructs

Chapter 3: On Revolution
Theory & Typology of Revolution
Preconditions of Revolution
Precipitants of Revolution
Revolution Now!

Chapter 4: Uniting Humanity for Action
Uniting with Holistic Analytics
Uniting with True Cost Economics
Uniting with Open Source Engineering
Uniting with Aggregated Billions

Chapter 5: Convergence – Four Action Domains
People – Education, Food, Health, Water
Governance – Eight Networks, One World
Earth – Agriculture, Cities, Infrastructure, Energy, Open Source Engineering
Society – Family, Gender, Immigration, Justice, Security

Chapter 6: Creating Internet 4.0
Open Source Information Sharing
Open Source Information Analysis
Open Source Design & Engineering
Open Source Manufacturing

Chapter 7: Future-Oriented Hybrid Governance
Educating Citizens for Self-Governance
Crafting Comprehensive Architectures
Connecting All Citizens to All Information
EarthGame™ by Medard Gabel

Chapter 8: Going for the Gold
UN Sustainability Development Goals (SDG)
Black Sheep Billionaires
Visionary Chief Executive Officers
US Open Source Agency

Chapter 9: “We” the Collective Citizenry
Spirituality – Foundation for Humanity
Research – Get a Grip on the Facts
Reflection – Conversations Creating Choices
Action – The End Game

Epilogue: Rites of Passage from Local to Global


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