Stephen E. Arnold: Does Amazon Lack Integrity? Where is Due Diligence on Authorship (Including Kindle Spam Fraud Books from Pakistan and India)?

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Stephen E. Arnold
Stephen E. Arnold

Amazon: Not Right for Some Authors

I wanted to call this write up Godforsaken ID. But you might plug in the letter “C” or you might not. I suggest you track down a dead tree edition of the still dog paddling New York Times. Check out the business section and look for the Google pleasing headline “Prominent Editor’s Exit a Setback for Amazon Publishing Unit.” I quite like the juxtaposition of prominent, setback, and everyone’s favorite online WalMart.” You may be able to view a version of the story at this link, but I make no promises in this money oriented era.)

The write up has a great quote or two.

  • “His [Ed Park, a literary luminary unknown to me] departure reflects the challenges that Amazon faces in a publishing ecosystem that largely views the online retailer as a rapacious competitor.”
  • “Some literary agents  say Amazon’s publishing operation seems to be retreating.”

In my view, I don’t want my work sold on the Amazon system. I have enough experience writing and selling monographs that appeal to maybe 300 people in the world. These folks are not reached via WalMart.

You views, like those of Dave Schubmehl and IDC, may differ from mine. As you know, without a written agreement, Mr. Schubmehl (an alleged expert in information retrieval) and his employer (the large mid tier consulting firm, IDC) reworked my research, put their names and brand on the material, and attempted to sell the result for $3,500 on Amazon.

Is that clueless? I don’t know. I am relatively confident that whatever executive decision lead to that move may suggest some management challenges. You can read about the “surfing on Arnold” play and the IDC hopes Amazon can move 10 pages for $3500 at these links:

Several observations:

First, Amazon obviously did not check with the authors on the IDC report that permissions were in place. What’s this say about Amazon?

Second, who at IDC perceived Amazon as a way to move 10 pages of my recycled content for $3,500?

Third, how desperate are companies like Amazon and IDC to earn monikers like rapacious and name surfer?

We live in interesting information centric times. As I reveal my research results about the new direction in content processing, how long will it take for this information to surface with the name of a person who did not do the nitty gritty work? I should emulate the NCAA basketball gambling craze start a pool for this digital publishing sport?

Oh, I like old fashioned bookstores too.

Stephen E Arnold, November 8, 2014

Phi Beta Iota: Amazon treats books as “packages” rather than as intellectual property.  It’s due diligence with respect to authorship is severely lacking. In the case of Robert Steele, who retains original copyright for his monographs published by the Strategic Studies Institute, Amazon refused to respond to complaints about that work being recycled by others, who have also recycled CIA papers by Jack Davis. In short, Amazon does not give a crap about author rights, it just wants to move product. The other major Amazon issue is the percentage of Kindle and some CreateSpace products that are garbage created by $5 a day authors in Pakistan and India who combine a title, table of contents and 100 pages of double spaced fluff, and are then very happy if they can sell 100 copies of their garbage to unsuspecting buyers whose complaints are not “heard” by Amazon. Against, “it’s just business.” Move the product, never mind the integrity.

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