NETmundial – the Future of the Internet?

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netmundialNETmundial Initiative

A multistakeholder Initiative to energize bottom-up, collaborative solutions in a distributed Internet governance ecosystem.

This initiative was started by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) in partnership with the World Economic Forum (WEF), and so far it has attracted a lot of skepticism and critics from civil society, business and governments. Learn more from Carolina Rossini.

Building upon the seminal work and momentum of NETmundial, and given the critical timing of the Panel’s work, this report outlines the key components of a collaborative,
decentralized Internet governance ecosystem:

• Distributed Governance (DG) groups;

• The Internet Governance Process defined in four elements: issue identification; solution mapping; solution formulation; and solution implementation;

• Enablers that facilitate the above two components including forums and dialogues, expert communities, and toolkits.

The Panel’s Report presents recommended next steps towards a developed, collaborative, decentralized Internet governance ecosystem (by 2017) reflecting the
velocity and transnational nature of the Internet. These topline recommendations are:

• Coalesce and support broad multistakeholder alliances;

• Develop new and strengthen existing IG mechanisms;

• Evolve collaborative decision-making;

• Establish urgently needed sustainable funding and resource models to enable IG evolution and to strengthen and operationalize the collaborative IG

• Support ICANN accountability and IANA globalization;

• Explore additional questions to be answered for moving forward.

The Panel presents this report to the global community in order to inform it of their actions and the evolution of a collaborative, decentralized Internet governance
system that has at its core a unified Internet that is unfragmented, interconnected, interoperable, secure, stable, resilient, sustainable, and trust building.

Learn more from NETMundial sponsors.

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