Mini-Me: Ebola Update — CDC Still Endangers First Responders with Deceit — Misinformation and Obfuscation Prevail

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Who, Mini-Me?
Who, Mini-Me?

This is a link to a well done video providing an update on Ebola and, more particularly, the misinformation and obfuscation being promulgated by the CDC, et al.

The video cited many of the same sources previously linked to by Phi Beta Iota. As much as we enjoyed the video, it continues to ignore a very fundamental issue and that is that the respiratory “protection” cited in the CDC and WHO guidelines is inadequate, and dangerously so. Previously we have drawn attention to the disparity between the filter specifications and the size of the Ebola particle. Subsequent to writing those articles, we discovered a much more rigorous treatment of the topic. Here are the latest updates from CIDRAP and Dr. Brosseau:

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