Mini-Me: 7 Big Lies in “American Sniper”

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Who, Mini-Me?
Who, Mini-Me?


7 big lies ‘American Sniper’ is telling America about Iraq and Chris Kyle

Zaid Jilani, AlterNet in Raw Story

Here are seven lies about Chris Kyle and the story that director Clint Eastwood is telling:


1. The Film Suggests the Iraq War Was In Response To 9/11

2. The Film Invents a Terrorist Sniper Who Works For Multiple Opposing Factions

3. The Film Portrays Chris Kyle as Tormented By His Actions

4. The Real Chris Kyle Made Up A Story About Killing Dozens of People In Post-Katrina New Orleans

5. The Real Chris Kyle Fabricated A Story About Killing Two Men Who Tried To Carjack Him In Texas

6. Chris Kyle Was Successfully Sued For Lying About the Former Governor of Minnesota

7. Chris Kyle’s Family Claimed He Donated His Book Proceeds To Veterans’ Charity, But He Kept Most Of The Profits

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