Owl: Video of Police Abuse — 3:31 — Powerful!

07 Other Atrocities, Corruption, Idiocy, Ineptitude, IO Deeds of War, Law Enforcement

Phi Beta Iota: This is a pre-revolutionary video that will be seen by 10 million or more — it has been seen in this one iteration by 1,794,518 as of 12:30 Eastern time on 21 March 2015.  Stuff like this — often fabricated — was circulated in activist literature in the 1960’s. There are two big differences between the failed revolution in the 1960’s and today: a) we’re not making this stuff up anymore, it is vastly worse than any activist could ever fabricate and b) the Internet has made flash mobs and crowd-funding and citizen counterintelligence possible. We are not sure about the WHEN but we are quite certain of the WHAT — the death of centralized abuse and the restoration of localized integrity.

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