Robert Parry: CIA at 50 – Politicized & Lost

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Robert Parry
Robert Parry

CIA at 50, Lost in the ‘Politicization’ Swamp

From the Archive: Almost 20 years ago – even before the Iraq WMD fiasco – as the CIA was celebrating its half-century anniversary, the impact of a Reagan-era “reorganization” was being felt in the “politicization” of intelligence, Robert Parry wrote in 1997. Now, a new reorganization could make matters worse.

By Robert Parry (Originally published in 1997)

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: I consider CIA and DIA the two pieces of the IC worth saving. We eliminate the DNI, merge one third of NGA with USGS, and eliminating NSA and the NRO (20% of each survives as a new Directorate within an expanded Classified Intelligence Agency overseen by a restored Director of Central Intelligence focused on all forms of classified intelligence collection, processing, and analysis.) A new Open Source Agency (OSA) becomes a direct report to the President with special ties to the new and vastly more integrative Deputy Director for Management of OMB, as well as a direct support relationship to the newly restored DCI. DIA becomes a Whole of Government all-source analytic agency with four Directorates: strategic intelligence, policy intelligence, operatonal intelligence, and acquisition intelligence, relying on the OSA for 80% of its processing and preliminary analytics.

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