Owl: Jade Helm — Canada Invades USA — YouTube UPDATE — Induced Riots in Baltimore? Subliminal Messages on Martial Law by AARP?

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Who?  Who?
Who? Who?

As Mini-Me would say, Huh?

YouTube (1:53)

Phi Beta Iota: A stunning video whose provenance has not been confirmed. The fear and anger of armed US militants could combine with the fear and anger of unemployed black youth (40%) to turn Jade Helm into a Kent State of our time — the possibility of militia ambushes against unformed personnel — especially foreigners, never mind that Canada is USA Lite — cannot be discounted. If the US military is ambushed, and then goes into massive lock-down and over-reaction mode as in Boston, this could spark a revolution in the USA. If the FEMA Camp drills — with paid actors — strikes the public in the heart, this could get ugly fast. The preconditions are there, the precipitant is lacking. Advice to the President: stop Jade Helm now.  Stand down. Not worth risk or the cost. We may be seeing a well-intentioned out-of-control bureaucracy creating the perfect storm.

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