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Osservatorio Strategico Outlook 2015 (Centre for High Defence Studies, Military Centre for Strategic Studies, Republic of Italy)

Part I: Global Outlook

Part II: Regional Analysis (Middle East; Afghan Theater; Balkan-Dnubian Region and Turkey; Russia, Eastern Europe and Central Asia; India and the Indian Ocean; China; Asia-Pacific; Latin America)

Part III: Sectorial Analysis (European Defense Initiatives, Nato and Transatlantic relations)

PDF (140 Pages): IT MoD CeMiSS Global Outlook 2015

Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: Above is the latest “foresight” document from one of the top Italian analytic teams. Very interesting reading but also a few oversights.  One of things I note across both US and European “foresight” documents is that they are linear and extrapolative from the past (how do we deal with a negative future rather than create a positive future); they completely ignore the emerging revolutionary tendencies such as free energy, radical energy storage improvements, productivity leaps in organic farming that also eats carbon, etc. They are government centric and place excess emphasis on both the military domain, and trade agreements that tend to be secretive and toxic.

Too many “foresight” documents worry about dealing with continuing problems of which we are the primary creators (to include elective wars and NATO as a salesman for US arms merchants who have misdirected US policy away from waging peace). It is possible to shape the future.

I would like to see Europe and NATO bring together top minds from across the eight information “tribes” to do the following:

01 Develop a process for integrated holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering that is explicitly focused on stabilizing, reconstructing, and then making prosperous and at peace, the “swath of destruction” created by the USA from Central Asia down to Western Africa.

02 Develop a process for doing Whole of Government / Return on Investment strategy, policy, acquisition, and operations what is genuinely committed to the public interest and affordable hence sustainable future-oriented hybrid governance.

03 Begin the process of ending the control of governments by arms merchants that thrive on elective wars based on lies.

04 Begin the process of reversing the negative aspects of industrialization and scientific reductionism, focusing instead on accelerating the achievement of free energy and the unlimited clean and desalinated water that make possible (along with hydroponic and organic agriculture without pesticides and including a sharp reduction in animal husbandry) peace and prosperity for all.

05 Recognize that education — free education as is now increasingly common in Europe — and a basic income — being discussed more and more among progressives — are the best means of avoiding violent revolutions and providing a pathway toward a future of peace, commerce, and friendship.

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