SchwartzReport: World Changes Scare USG

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Stephan A. Schwartz
Stephan A. Schwartz

Here is the latest on the great geopolitical shift that is occurring in the world, as power shifts away from national states to virtual nongeographical corporate states and trans-national ideological movements. I was very glad to find this piece because almost no one in media is talking about this. I have previously seen this sort of material only in academic journals.

The quiet global crisis that scares the State Department

Phi Beta Iota: The millions of good people trapped in a bad system notwithstanding, the US Government is going exactly what the 1% want it to do: keep the 99% passive and exploitative. The secret intelligence community does not produce intelligence (decision-support), the Department of State does not do diplomacy or hybrid governance (we are still best pals with 42 of 44 dictators), the US military does not do defense, Agriculture does not do healthy food….need we go on? No one in Washington DC cares about holistic analytics, true cost economics, open source everything engineering, or addressing the public interest. Washington DC is a cesspool that privatizes profit and externalizes true costs to future generations.  There is nothing intelligent and nothing ethical about any aspect of Washington DC. This is our fault. Every issue, every “story” including Bernie Sanders, is a deliberate distraction from the ONE THING that could rebalance and restore America the Beautiful: Electoral Reform. Absent Electoral Reform, we will continue to be a combination of laughing stoke and feared predatory around the world.

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