Antechinus: Science Sucks, Vaccines Scare, Parents Push Back

Academia, Commerce, Corruption, Government, IO Impotency

What if not all parents who question vaccines are foolish and anti-science?

If you want to understand and reduce vaccination non-compliance you have to work to achieve a subtler understanding of parental decision-making, along with a recognition that ­public-health campaigns aren’t Pure Science but are influenced by politics and money (although maybe they shouldn’t be). You have to stop talking about “vaccines” as if they were all one thing, and stop talking about vaccination schedules as if they were simple products of value-free science. You have to stop claiming “we” have science and “they” have stupid.

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Phi Beta Iota: It is known that only 1% of all scientific papers get published, and that roughly 50% of all published medical papers are crap. The loss of integrity across academia, commerce, and government is known to attentive parent who fear for their chidlren’s health, and rightly so.

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