CounterPunch: War Between US and China

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counterpunch good The Skirmish in the Spratlys: Beating Uncle Sam at His Own Game



What happens next, should be fairly obvious to anyone who has followed US meddling in recent years. The US is now at war with China, which means that it will use all of its resources and capabilities, except it’s military assets, to defeat the enemy. The United States will not militarily engage an enemy that can fight back or inflict pain on the US. That’s the cardinal rule of US military policy. While that precludes a nuclear conflagration, it does not exclude a hyperbolic propaganda campaign demonizing China and its leaders in the media (Sadly, the comparisons to Hitler and the Kaiser have already started), asymmetrical attacks on Chinese markets and currency, excruciating economic sanctions, US-NGO funding for Chinese dissidents, foreign agents and fifth columnists, intrusions into China’s territorial waters and airspace, strategic denial of critical energy supplies, (80 percent of China’s oil supplies are delivered via the Malacca Strait to the South China Sea) and, finally, covert support for “moderate” jihadis who are committed to toppling the Chinese government and replacing it with an Islamic Caliphate. All of these means and proxies will be employed to defeat Beijing, to derail its ambitious Silk Roads strategy, to curtail its explosive growth, and to sabotage its plan to be the preeminent power in Asia.

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Phi Beta Iota: This could be usefully read in tandem with Maj Paul Tremblay Jr’s USMC thesis on “Shaping and Adapting: Unlocking the power of Colon John Boyd’s OODA Loop.” While the author does not address the severe deficiencies in how and when Marines gets decision-support (intelligence) for strategic, operational, tactical, and technical decisions, nor does he address the potential for integrating education, intelligence, and research across the Marine Corps environment, what he does offer are several startling insights that can be summed up as “destined to lose.”

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