Holy Father: Climate Change Encyclical

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Most Holy Father Francis
Most Holy Father Francis

Pope Francis’ Climate Change Encyclical Just Leaked. Here’s What It Says.

Humans are causing climate change, and there will be “grave consequences” if we don’t act fast, warns the pope.

Pope Francis will this week call for changes in lifestyles and energy consumption to avert the “unprecedented destruction of the ecosystem” before the end of this century, according to a leaked draft of a papal encyclical. In a document released by an Italian magazine on Monday, the pontiff will warn that failure to act would have “grave consequences for all of us.”

Francis also called for a new global political authority tasked with “tackling…the reduction of pollution and the development of poor countries and regions.” His appeal echoed that of his predecessor, pope Benedict XVI, who in a 2009 encyclical proposed a kind of super-UN to deal with the world’s economic problems and injustices.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: The Most Holy Father is making the same mistake as the Club of Rome (assuming top down leadership will have an effect) and repeating the mistakes of Tom Steyer — focusing on climate change instead of elevating the ability of the public to think and act with intelligence and integrity. Electoral reform and open source everything are the twin pillars for sustainable self-governance.  Climate change is embedded in the integrated criminal banking and dictatorial governance systems that Matt Taibbi has described as “Griftopia.” There will be no change to climate change, the Pope’s considerable influence notwithstanding, unless we first make it possible for the public at large to wield  the tri-fecta of holistic analytics, true cost economics, and open source everything engineering.

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