Mongoose: Chinese Breach of OPM – Want to Recruit Traitors, Unwitting or Otherwise? Here’s How…

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Cabinet Secretaries Potentially Exposed in OPM Data Breach

Union Believes Data Breach Was Worse Than Disclosed

U.S. Was Warned of System Open to Cyberattacks

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Phi Beta Iota: When the President says external hackers are trying everything possible against US Government systems, he fails to acknowledge that every president going back to Bill Clinton has refused to be serious about cyber-security despite deeply documented vulnerabilities.  It mentions comment that for anyone trying to identify critical employees and vulnerable employees, it does not get any better than pulling their security clearance application forms. Those details are beyond belief priceless. For twenty five years pioneers have been crystal clear in speaking truth to power and for twenty five years power has been corrupt, ignorant, oblivious, and disrespectful.

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