Patrick L. Smith: US & NATO Restart Cold War + NATO RECAP

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Patrick L. Smith
Patrick L. Smith

We restarted the Cold War: The real story about the NATO buildup that the New York Times won’t tell you

Our leaders and media push time-worn nonsense about American innocence, while taking aggressive moves. Look out


As of this week, leaders who know nothing about leading, thinkers who do not think and opinion-shaping poseurs such as Tom Friedman are confident enough in their case to sally forth with it: The Cold War returns, the Russians have restarted it and we must do the right thing—the right thing being to bring NATO troops and materiel up to Russia’s borders, pandering to the paranoia of the former Soviet satellites as if they alone have access to some truth not available to the rest of us.

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Robert David Steele Vivas
Robert David Steele Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: As with all forms of organization, NATO is not monolythic. It consists of 28 Member states, most of them marginalized from NATO decision-making that is dominated by a notoriously corrupt and myopic US policy-making cabal that is in turn owned by 40-odd billionaires heavily invested in the military-industrial complex. The other six NATOs (generally any organization can be broken down into seven different cultures, some toxic, some blessed, the rest going through the motions) are a potential asset for Europe if Europe ever decides to get serious about being Europe, instead of a poodle ensemble for the USA to abuse on a daily basis.

I am informed that NATO never promised Russia that it would not join Eastern European countries to NATO, only that it would not station equipment and troops in those nations. From where I sit, NATO is in violation of the basic principles of moderation at the same time that it is impotent in practical terms — a posturing force rather than an effective force, a legacy force rather than an effective force.

In my view, the time has come for Europe to expel US forces and US headquarters from Europe, to radically down-size NATO staffs (except for the Transformation Command, the one bright light across this archipelago of dark matter), and to create a European Decision-Support Centre that integrates strategic, policy, acquisition and operations support staffs around a hub able to create ethical evidence-based decision-support (intelligence).

Europe is now collapsing financially because it has allowed the City of London and Wall Street — and their two captive government — to dig them a very deep hole. The absolute last thing Europe needs right now is a Cold War manufactured by the US-UK “special relationship” (if a gorilla could be said to have a special relationship with a chicken) rooted in lies and public misinformation.

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What passes for US foreign and national security policy is criminally-insane and assuredly unconstitutional. Far better — and both morally and intellectual sound — would be a policy of peace and commerce that eschews support to dictators and all others engaged in genocide, other atrocities, and transnational crime, a policy focused on putting a  stop to crisis of migration and displacement while devising local solutions that deliver free energy, clean water, organic food, and natural shelter to billions who will otherwise spawn even more poverty, disease, environmental degradation, and crime.

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