Why Donald Trump Truly Terrifies Republicans – The Trump-Clinton Ticket

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Why Donald Trump Truly Terrifies Republicans

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Trump is now inside the tent, pissing everywhere. He threatens to neutralize the potential of these voters, or train them as a weapon against their own natural party, while bulldozing inroads to minorities. By placing xenophobic immigration politics at the center of the campaign, he’s made it practically impossible for Republicans to convince minorities that there’s a softer side of the GOP. And by condemning him so vocally, his Republican critics are reminding Trump’s supporters of everything they don’t like about the Republican party.

Trump-Clinton Ticket Discussed Below — Be Very Very Afraid

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

ROBERT STEELE: This is a brilliant article with some poetic turns of phrase.  ONE mistake: I don’t think Trump or any of his minions has ever said “third party” which is the kiss of death in a country now thinking clearly, “a pox on all parties.” He will run as an Independent, and if he forces through the Electoral Reform Act of 2015 first, he will win in a landslide by bringing back to the process the 100 million voters that did NOT vote in 2012.  “Third party” is media and political code for marginalization and for scaring people into thinking they will be repeating Nader or Perot mistakes. Trump is much smarter than that, while he lacks a deep team of advisers right now and he lacks an appreciation for what a truly independent campaign might look like (coalition cabinet, balanced budget, eliminate IRS substitute fractional transaction tax, full employment/basic income), I consider him the single most exciting candidate on the scene, and the only one with the power to destroy the two-party tyranny that has sold us all out. He could also be Hillary Clinton’s dirtiest trick, no really rich person wants to be President, it’s a demotion, but Trump could do a tri-fecta, win, fix, resign, leaving behind the President of his choice first elected as Vice President (think Hillary Clinton, be very very afraid).  This is a very deep pool, the media right now is at ankle level thinking.

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