Robert Steele: Death of a Nation — All Crazy, All Black, All Prisoners [Deal with It!]

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Robert David STEELE Vivas
Robert David STEELE Vivas

Death of a Nation –All Crazy, All Black, All Prisoners

Robert David Steele

Donald Trump, speaking of recent murders, says we do not have a gun problem; we have a mental health problem. As scary as Donald Trump can be in his encouragement of white supremacists who favor “open season” on illegal immigrants,[i] there is a great deal about The Donald that is authentic and relevant to our current situation. He’s right. He has also failed to complete the thought. These are not individual mental health problems; these are part of a national mental health problem. For over a decade I have been sounding the alarm on “cognitive dissonance,” which is what you get when you allow the 1% to screw over 99% of the public at home and abroad, 99% of the time.

Insight #1: We Are All Crazy. What we have today across the USA in the way of legalized crime and corrupt local, state, and federal officialdom, of socio-economic abuse to the point of indictable mass atrocities against large swaths of the population, is flat out insane.[ii] What is done in our name and at our expense – both domestically and abroad – by an Administration that continues to borrow a half trillion dollars a year for a government documented to be 50% waste across every functional area from agriculture to energy to foreign aid to health to the military to water management, is insane. The even more insane part of all this is that we the 99% are not ourselves insane, we have simply been committed to an insane asylum run by criminals and including as adjunct “enforcers” our churches, labor unions, schools, and workplaces. Below is an analytic depiction of all of the pre-conditions of revolution that exist today in the USA, the two most important being concentration of wealth and loss of public faith in the legitimacy of the government.[iii]

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Twenty-two veterans a day committing suicide; ambushes on cops drinking coffee in NYC (or newscasters in Virginia); a rash of shootings, bombings, and many other incidents not covered by the media, and of course an unemployment rate that is no less than 23%, are all part of a national mental health melt-down.

What is particularly galling to me is that every single one of the social institutions that we would normally expect to defend and protect their constituencies against what Matt Taibbi calls Griftopia – the merger of financial and political crime families such as are so ably represented by Hillary Clinton on the left and Jeb Bush on the right – has failed. Academics cower, unable to discuss 9/11 or other false flag events intelligently[iv] for fear of losing grants and even tenure. Labor unions, one or two exceptions aside, cower, all too ready to sell out future generations and unwilling to point out something Donald Trump artfully avoids saying: China and Mexico did not take our jobs, our CEOs, with the complicity of our own labor leaders, chose to export our jobs. Religions are a peculiar form of craziness – they have become fund-raising enterprises supporting a mix of decent people with good intentions and truly depraved and hypocritical individuals, some actively practicing the pedophilia, homosexuality, and drug consumption against which they rail from the pulpit. Non-profits – like the student movement of the 1960’s – are easily fragmented and herded, each anxious to avoid offending the 1% lest they lose their pittances.[v]

A year ago – three years after briefly running for President myself and publishing in Reality Sandwich what I learned as How I Tested the Boundaries of the Two-Party Tyranny — I achieved two additional insights, one on my own and one with the help of Tom Steyer, who himself would make a marvelous presidential counter-punch to The Donald, especially if he partnered with Cynthia McKinney – Dr. Cynthia McKinney now, with a recently awarded PhD on leadership that could not be more timely in its focus, for ethical leadership is what we lack in this country.[vi]

Insight #2: We are all black now. I have been generally without income since 1 January 2008. I am among the 23% unemployed that the US Government and a complicit media along with unethical economists continue to cover up. This has been a challenging and enlightening time for me. Worrying about being able to afford a tank of gas – or even a new zipper for my one winter coat – while being helpless in the face of abusive authority such as was used to destroy my business – has made me much more empathetic. While the middle class has always included growing numbers of people of color, the key point here is that we poor white people (I am also Latino) need to understand that our suffering is relatively new and shallow in comparison to the depths of suffering that has been inflicted by the generally white ruling class on the Native Americans, the Africans, the Asians, the Latinos, and others imported as cheap labor to the point of virtual slavery,[vii] and then denied the longer-term rights and wealth they earned with their blood, sweat, and tears. We are all black now. These recent incidents seeking to reignite the race war between black and white are in my view partially if not completely contrived and the post-incident narratives are being manipulated in order to distract all of us from this fundamental unifying theme: we are all black now. The present emergency was created by the 1% and demands a unified 99% against that 1% to achieve an ideally non-violent restoration of national balance and sanity leading to national prosperity for the many instead of the tiny few.

Insight #3: Electoral Reform must precede all other reforms. If Tom Steyer, with his big heart, big mind, and hundreds of millions spent trying to advance remediation of Climate Change, can publicly admit that he has been wasting his time and energy and money then change cannot be achieved in the prevailing Griftopia environment. All of us who are activists for constructive positive change in how we live and work must take heed. The two-party tyranny must go, one reason I believe the next president will be an Independent white male and have a woman of color as vice president, while ideally unifying the country with a coalition cabinet that includes Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and Jesse Ventura among others, and a Congress in which Independent and small party candidates win every one of the 20-30 seats being vacated for 2016.[viii] I also believe the next president is going to have to take a strong stance, in advance, against foreign influence over US policies (Israel and Saudi Arabia are especially pernicious), and against all domestic agents of a foreign power, of which we have a great many, led by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). A future honest Executive is going to need three things to set America the Beautiful back on track:

  • an end of the two-party tyranny in Congress so as to restore Article 1 of the Constitution;[ix]
  • a radical empowerment of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) on two fronts – first, authorized pervasive counterintelligence against elite traitors as well as here-to-for “protected” agents of a foreign power and second, a massive new offering of intelligence-led community-oriented training of the 18,000 police jurisdictions across America; and
  • an Open Source Agency (OSA) able to produce public intelligence in the public interest without the manipulation and deceit by omission so characteristic of the secret world and the corrupt policy world it supports, while also advancing the open source everything engineering ecology that is central to creating a sustainable prosperous America going forward.

God Bless Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. They are change agents. I do not consider either of them qualified to be President in their present manifestation but each has ample time to get their act together and demonstrate they can form a government in the classical sense – an honest coalition government rooted in evidence-based decision support and committed to the interests of the 99%. My fear is that the two-party tyranny will make a last ditch effort to keep its monopoly of terror, power, and money. Donald Trump – Carly Fiorina and Bernie Sanders – Elizabeth Warren are obvious plays.[x] This may force John Kasich and Martin O’Malley to run as Independents (not as third party candidates, always a losing proposition easily manipulated by the two-party tyranny). My money right now is on an Independent yet bi-partisan ticket – say John Kasich and Cynthia McKinney [or for a righteous battle of the billionaires, Tom Steyer and Cynthia McKinney]. I also expect Angus King and Kirsten Gillibrand, Jesse Ventura and Jill Stein, even Michael Bloomberg and the West Coast shiksa of his choice –each in their own way helping to build some integrity back into our national electoral process and hence into our government, our economy, and our society.[xi]

We are all crazy. We are all black. We are all prisoners. Deal with it!

Robert David Steele is a former spy, honorary hacker, and the #1 Amazon reviewer for non-fiction, reading in 98 categories. He briefed Occupy on electoral reform in a video that went viral, ran briefly for the Reform Party nomination, aggregating good ideas at We the People Reform Coalition, and is today the pro bono CEO of an educational non-profit, Earth Intelligence Network. His most recent books are OPEN POWER: Electoral Reform Act of 2015 – Open Source Activist Tool-Kit, and The Open Source Everything Manifesto: Transparency, Truth, & Trust. A Guardian profile of him has received 67,000 likes


[i] Endorsed by Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke (an endorsement that has been rejected), Donald Trump recently inspired one individual, quoted in the New York Times, to say “Hopefully, he’s going to sit there and say, ‘When I become elected president, what we’re going to do is we’re going to make the border a vacation spot, it’s going to cost you $25 for a permit, and then you get $50 for every confirmed kill.’ ”

[ii] Cf. I.C. Smith, Inside–A Top G-Man Exposes Spies, Lies, and Bureaucratic Bungling in the FBI (Thomas Nelson, 2004); and Joe Bageant, Deer Hunting with Jesus–Dispatches from America’s Class War (Broadway Books, 2008).

[iii] The 1979 graduate thesis and the 2011 précis of the thesis for which this is the central graphic are online at

[iv] My life’s work has focused on intelligence reform, easily accessed via my online portal – while it troubles me that the one comment I have made about false flag terrorism is the most noticed and quoted, I am comforted by the fact that Richard Clarke, former National Coordinator for Security, Infrastructure Protection, and Counter-terrorism, has made precisely the same observation.

[v] Cf.Paradigms of Failure,” in ELECTION 2008: Lipstick on the Pig (Earth Intelligence Network, 2008).

[vi] The title of Dr. McKinney’s dissertation earned from Antioch University is “‘El No Murio, El Se Multiplico!’ Hugo Chavez: The Leadership and the Legacy on Race.” Hence, she not only represents the best of our female leaders and our black leaders, but she is also extraordinarily sympathetic to Latino concerns and needs. The single best book I have read from a private sector leader recently is Lee Iacocca’s Where Have All the Leaders Gone? (Scribner, 2008).

[vii] Illegal immigration exists because US business leaders and their political servants want it to exist. Eisenhower eradicated illegal immigration with 1,075 Border Patrol agents. Cf. John Dillin, “How Eisenhower solved illegal border crossings from Mexico.” Christian Science Monitor (6 July 2006). Slavery also exists in the USA today, more so than at the start of the US Civil War – Asian slaves in textiles, Latino slaves in agriculture, and Black slaves in our prisons, often incarcerated for nothing more than recreational marijuana. Cf. John Bowe, Nobodies–Modern American Slave Labor and the Dark Side of the New Global Economy (Random House, 2008) and Lee Camp: Redacted #47 — More Black Slaves in US Prison Today Than Just Prior to Civil War.

[viii] Political parties come with mandated “winner take all” cabinets, party platforms that are a mix of ignorance and ideology, and party commitments to large donors that the nominee is expected to honor if elected. Only an Independent ticket is free of the toxicity of a party endorsement. My game plan for how anyone can win a landslide election while restoring integrity to Congress is offered in Counter-Coup: How Trump Can Win (CounterPunch, 14 august 2015).

[ix] Newt Gingrich destroyed what was once a bi-partisan Congress that generally respected its constituents and sought to serve the public interest. The story of how he converted Members into foot-soldiers for their respective parties, which could then sell party votes as a bloc, is told in John M. Barry, The Ambition and the Power–The Fall of Jim Wright : A True Story of Washington (Viking, 1989). The collaboration of the leaders of the two parties can be seen in how John Kerry was told to stop Iran-Contra by the Democratic leadership as a favor to the Republican leadership, and how Joe Biden killed the 2012 Independent challenge to Pat Roberts by “welcoming” the Independent to the Democratic caucus on national television on election day, a most deliberate political assassination carried out to avoid an Independent swing vote in the Senate.

[x] Tom Friedman got it right in his excellent article for the New York Times, “None of the Above.” Although Kasich and O’Malley are each serious candidates, the two parties are self-destructing, hence the way is open for an authentic Independent yet bi-partisan candidacy, ideally one that also terminates two-party control over Congress and the public purse.

[xi] I do not expect the two-party tyranny nominees to be electable, even with compelling single-party tickets. The Open Power Electoral Reform Home Page proffers ten specific points that all serving Senators now running for President could introduce in an Electoral Reform Act of 2015. That they refuse to do so tells us all we need to know about their lack of integrity. 2016 is ours to lose.


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