Gareth Porter: Framing Iran for Khobar Towers — Who Benefits? Saudi Arabia & Zionist Israel UPDATE 1

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Gareth Porter
Gareth Porter

Who Bombed Khobar Towers? Anatomy of a Crooked Terrorism Investigation

  • The official Khobar Towers investigation led by FBI Director Louis Freeh was precooked to arrive at the outcome that had been politically determined by the White House.
  • The only evidence of Saudi Shi’a involvement in the bombing was from confessions obtained by torture by Saudi secret police.
  • The investigation ignored compelling evidence that Osama bin Laden’s al Qaeda – not Iran-supported Saudi Hezbollah” – planned and executed the bombing.

UPDATE 1: With Khobar Bomber’s Arrest, Saudi Arabia Deals Blow to Iran

Phi Beta Iota: Asked about this, Gareth Porter responded: It doesn’t change in the least any of the analysis in my article about the politicized investigation and conclusion by Louis Freeh and the FBI.  Will the Saudis now seek to revive their accusations against the Saudi Shi’a in the Khobar Towers bombing?  Perhaps so, but it is difficult to see how it would have any more credibility than it did in 1996-2001.

Phi Beta Iota: Al Qaeda was created by Saudi Arabia as part of its global state-sponsored terrorism and advance of radical Islamic Wahabbism that is in sharp contrast to the more peaceful variants in all other Islamic nations. The absence of intelligence with integrity accessible to the US public (the academics, media, and think tanks are all worthless as purveyors of truth) severely distorts reality in the US domestic environment, allowing for insanely criminal public policies not at all in the best interests of the public. Saudi Arabia and the Zionists (not to be confused with sensible Jews) want war in the Middle East and across Africa and Central Asia — at US expense. False flag terrorism (including false flag terrorism against the USA such as 9/11, a plot originally funded by Saudi Arabia) is how they get it.

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