Most Holy Father “On Leadership”

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Most Holy Father Francis
Most Holy Father Francis

Pope Francis criticizes ‘dictators’ and ‘tyrants’

Asked by a Cuban student about the example of his leadership, Francis said, “I will tell you one thing, a good leader is one who is capable of bringing up other leaders. If a leader wants to lead alone, he is a tyrant. True leadership is fruitful. Each one of you has the seed of leadership.”  He added, “The leaders of today will not be here tomorrow. If they do not plant the seed of leadership in others, they are worthless. They are dictators.”

Phi Beta Iota: There is very strong distrust of the Catholic Church among US Christian evangelicals who have been brought up to fear Jesuits and Islam as well as other “heathen” religions. We have no direct knowledge, on balance we are inclined to give the Pope the benefit of the doubt but we also believe that all countervailing views should be on the table.

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