Mongoose: Tom Cruise as Barry Seal on CIA Running Drugs via Arkansas — the End of Clinton & Bush Candidacies?

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One of the biggest and fiercely kept “fog facts” in America’s Dirty Linen Basket – one for which any further revelations for both political parties is absolute dynamite with ample portions of nitroglycerine thrown in for good measure – has been made into a feature film, starring of all people Tom Cruise.

Here’s a promo snippet.

Amazon Page
Amazon Page

“Hollywood actor Tom Cruise plays renegade drug pilot ‘Barry’ Seal, a central figure in a true story that involves one of America’s darkest secrets since the Kennedy assassination: CIA-sanctioned cocaine import/weapons export smuggling between Central America and Arkansas during the 1980s Iran-Contra affair. The project, tentatively titled Mena, will be distributed by Universal Pictures and directed by Doug Liman of Bourne Identity fame. This studio theatrical release of the Barry Seal story featuring A-List actor Cruise could spell disaster for the 2016 presidential campaigns of Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush if the producers choose not to expunge politically explosive details from Seal’s clandestine life.

Governor William Jefferson Clinton (husband of Hillary Clinton) is alleged by an FBI/CIA whistleblower to have protected Seal’s Mena, Arkansas air base and flight operations and to have subsequently received quid pro quo CIA support that secured his meteoric rise to the U.S. Presidency. Bill Clinton publicly denied those allegations when confronted by legendary White House correspondent Sarah McClendon.

Seal is alleged to have blackmailed Vice President Herbert Walker Bush by threatening to release surveillance video of brothers George Walker and Jeb Bush using the family’s Beechcraft King Air turboprop to accept delivery of two kilos of cocaine during a 1985 DEA drug sting at an airport near Miami. Seal was brutally assassinated by members of the Medellin Cartel in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a short time later. Some reports claim that Seal’s body was found with Vice President Bush’s personal phone number still in his wallet.

As noted above the story behind Mena implicates the Clintons and the Bushes amongst other high profile political names in murder/assassination, drug smuggling/distribution, illegal arms dealing, money laundering, conspiracy and assorted other high crimes and unsavoury misdemeanours. The principal character in the Mena narrative is one Barry Seal – a CIA agent, and he was subsequently whacked by the Columbian Medellin cartel run by the notorious Pablo Escobar, himself the principal protagonist in the excellent Narcos. Barry Seal features in Narcos.

Certainly the most controversial film since last year’s Killing the Messenger (one which covered in parts similar territory), and one which has the potential to rock the US political establishment to its foundations, especially with an impending election. Interestingly, although the film has wrapped, it’s not due for release apparently until 2017, well after the new president has his/her mitts on the keys to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. One wonders why if the film has wrapped why it would take over a year in post-production???

I daresay even Cruise would have encountered enormous pressure to avoid this project, so it will be very interesting to see how he and his director Doug Liman tell the story. If you haven’t read much about this – the backstory itself or the film – in the mainstream media, that is standard operating procedure in the land that invented freedom of the press. The biggest skeletons in Uncle Sam’s closet are locked down tighter than whatever gold remains in Fort Knox.

Phi Beta Iota: A law suit has been launched by the daughter of Barry Seal who is also the legal custodian of his estate. The movie is not scheduled for release until 2017 but shooting has been completed and it could be leaked early. It is unlikely this will be noticed by the public or impact on the 2016 election. It could be part of a Tom Cruise Scientology campaign to keep pressure on a very corrupt US elite — some believe the earlier movie Eyes Wide Shut to have been a not so subtle threat to New York elites. What we are seeing is “disclosure” as the hot word for the 2020’s. The truth about major crimes against humanity have in the past been successfully marginalized — what one author calls “fog facts.” Now that economic pain is squeezing the 99% into a state of cognitive dissonance that spawns violence, we anticipate what another author calls “the great turning.” Truth and economic justice appear to be emergent, we pray they emerge without violence.

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